New Catwoman Production and Promo Bits

‘a1ant’ from the Catwoman Movie fansite has sent us this update about the production and possible upcoming promos…

I’ve got a couple things regarding CATWOMAN for ya. If you find this interesting, here ya go:

1). I’m not sure if this is new to anyone yet, but besides Graeme Revell scoring, William Orbit will also produce some original music for the CATWOMAN film! (Thanks to the IMDB)

2). I’ve recieved a quote from a legit crew member of CATWOMAN. I’ve also included my original report in this message from my Catwoman Unnofficial site, including ‘possible’ canidates for the CATWOMAN trailer:

CATWOMAN is almost in the bag…its principle photography, that is! Shooting on the Summer 2004 flick is far beyond the half-way point already, and eventually, the film will go into post-production. That’s when things really begin to heat up, promotional-wise! Here’s some of what you can expect:

*Super Bowl tv spot (not confirmed yet).

*The debut theatrical trailer (TAKING LIVES, STARSKY & HUTCH, SCOOBY DOO 2 are possible canidates)!

*The official website!

*Catwoman action figures!

*The novel & comic adaption!

*Promotional tie-ins, tv specials, and much more!

We bring you this EXCLUSIVE COMMENT from ‘Proper Analogy’, a crew member of the CAT set, (we checked, and they’re legit). Hopefully we’ll recieve a spoilerific scoop from this person in the future? *wink* *wink* Anyways, on to it! Oh yes, this is non-spoiler, for those who want to be careful!

(Portions of original message were edited out, for the scoopers privacy)

“Things have been great! It was a little bumpy at the beginning of production, but once all the kinks were worked out, it was a smooth experience! I haven’t read the script, but from what I’ve seen being shot, it’s going to be quite interesting, both visually and from a story stand-point.”

“I think it’ll be dark, yet fun. There should be many fun moments in the film. I think they’re treating the character as a free-spirit, a rule-breaker, but all for good reasons. Girls will love her attitude, and guys will be scared to meet her in a dark alley, I’m almost sure of that!”

“The final product should be amazing. I’ve heard of the things that they’re planning to do down the line. Some of the stuff in this film should be just crazy! They’ve got a healthy budget, and I’m sure they’ll put that money to good use. CG-Catwomen, the whole she-bang…should be quite a visual feast, I can’t wait to see the final thing in movie cinemas!”

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: Catwoman Movie Fansite