Tom Cruise Talks Iron Man on Jonathan Ross

Scooper ‘Joe Chill’ alerted us that Tom Cruise appeared on Jonathan Ross and talked about the Iron Man feature adaptation…

A Tom Cruise special edition of Jonathon Ross’s Film 2004 aired on BBC1 last night. Ross asked the Cruiser about two movie projects the Last Samurai star had been linked to in the past, that never seem to get going. One movie project was War of the Worlds, the other was Iron Man.

Cruise answered : “We are working on those two movies. They are big budget event movies, and so take up a lot of time. In the case of War of the Worlds, that was delayed after 9/11 because the studio and I didn’t feel comfortable with the material at the time.

Iron Man is a difficult project to tackle. He is my favourite Superhero. I think with something like a Superhero movie, there is a flood of these at the moment, and the audience latches on to them in a big way, so there is a big demand from the studios. But with Iron Man, because I love the project so much, you want to make the movie bigger and different to what is being made at the moment. You need the biggest talents involved with something like Iron Man, and I am talking directors like Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott and James Cameron. With any of those guys you make the movie superior and unique. But we are working on those two movies”.

Jonathon Ross is a big Comic Book fan and looked genuinely pleased at Cruise’s answer. All the Best. Joe Chill.

Source: Joe Chill