UPDATE: ITV Tells the Spider-Man Story?

Scooper ‘Sidjum’ alerted us to a program which aired on ITV yesterday…

Yesterday evening there, was here in the UK, on ITV: The Spider-man Story. Didn’t get to record it. But maybe somebody did… It was quit interesting, and Kirsten mentioned SP2 and 3!

Don’t know if it was a new documentary.

If you know more about what Kirsten said, then be sure to drop us a note!

UPDATE: ‘Spiderfan’ send us this update on the program which looks to have been broadcast quite a while ago…

It was actually on Channel 5 9.00pm til 10pm here in the uk. It was on around about the time spider-man was released at the cinema over here last year.

It tells the story of how spider-man was created, from the 60’s saturday morning cartoon, to the 70’s live action TV series and finally the long journey from script to the big screen, it has taken along time for our favourite web head to make it on the big screen.It also used alot of clips from the 90’s version cartoon to show parts of the story and for the narator to talk over.

Kirsten did mention that she is signed for 2 and 3 and I’m not sure if Tobey did too.

Source: Sidjum