New Punisher Poster and Composer News?

Two interesting bits came in about The Punisher, starting with word from ‘Miko’ about a possible new poster in theaters…

At my local theatre I noticed what looked like a punisher poster i’d never seen before. At the bottom of the poster u see frank castle’s head with a scowl on his face slightly looking up with a tear in his eye. Above that u see a montage of images such as explosions car chases the whole deal. At the very top the text THE PUNISHER and the small skull logo.

We haven’t seen that one so we can’t confirm. ‘kingdaywalker’ also wrote in with news on the composer for the film…

You may already know this, but I’ll tell you just in case. I noticed IMDB listed Carlo Siliotto as the person doing the score for The Punisher. His official website had his e-mail address, so I e-mailed him to confirm this. He just e-mailed me back confirming the fact that he is creating the music for The Punisher.

You can view Siliotto’s filmography right here!

Source: Miko, kingdaywalker