Spider-Man 2 Toys at Wal-Mart & Japanese LEGO

‘XIII’ writes in with an update that Spider-Man 2 toys are now appearing in local Wal-Marts. We’ve seen them here in Houston as well…

I was at my local Florida walmart today and found some Spider-Man 2 toys. I found 4 different reg toys, 1 of spidy on a bike, 1 in a car and 1 in a boat. There was a spider-man bubble blower, the same spidey that climbs the wall for the 1st spider-man movie only this one is in spidey 2 wrapping.

‘NATUY’ also wrote in from Japan, saying that Spider-Man.jp is already doing advanced tickets with which you’ll get free LEGO Spidey badges. There should be a big Spidey 2 ad in the major newspapers there as well.