Spider-Man 2 Movie Figures Appear!

‘Anonymous’ wrote in with news of the first pictures of Spider-Man 2 movie figures…

In 2001 it was Spider-Man. In 2002 it was Hulk. And now it’s 2003-and Toy Biz is again releasing toys for next year’s big comic-book movie in time for Christmas! Yep, Spider-Man 2 toys are now out. On eBay right now are several auctions for the following:

-Super Poseable Spider-Man with 46 (!) points of articulation and wall-mountable base

-Shoot and Slide Spider-Man with Magnetic Projectile Launcher

-Aerial Flipping Spider-Man with Streetlight Accessories

-Rapid-Punch Spider-Man with Punching Bag (with J. Jonah Jameson on the front?)

-Web Trap Spider-Man (can’t tell what it comes with, the picture is fuzzy)

-18 Inch Amazing Spider-Man with 69 (!!!) points of articulation and web shooter

You can check out the pictures right here!

Source: eBay