Stan Lee on Hulk, Spider-Man & X-Men

‘Gugie’ pointed us to IGN which has up a new interview with Stan Lee talking about The Hulk and its possible sequel, X2 and X-Men 3, and his cameo in Spider-Man 2. Here’s a few clips…

IGN DVD: What would you like to see done in a sequel?

Stan Lee: Well, I think they have to keep the CGI figure since we’ve established it. I think I would make the story a little smaller. I’d just play up the personalities a little bit more and play up the anguish of Bruce Banner, who’s trying to find a cure, who doesn’t want to be the Hulk. I would play up the fact, which I always wanted to get into in the comic but I stopped writing the book after a while. But I would play up the fact that the Hulk really hates Bruce Banner, whom he considers to be a weakling, and Bruce Banner hates the Hulk because he’s afraid the Hulk will run out of control and hurt somebody. So you have these two characters living in one body who hate each other. It’s a little bit like Jekyll and Hyde. Or a lot like it.

IGN DVD: Do you expect to be involved in X-Men 3?

Stan Lee: Oh I hope I get a cameo in it. I wasn’t able to do a cameo in X2. I have a cameo in the next Spider Man. I actually have a line to say. That’ll make the movie. (laughs) I’m not involved really with any of them, except if I’m lucky they call and ask me to do a cameo, and I’m not the kind of guy who says no. Well, I did have to say it with one. I was asked to do a cameo in the new Punisher movie, but they were shooting it somewhere in Florida but I didn’t have time to go down there, damn it, so I missed out on that.

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Source: IGN