Michael Caine Has a 3-Picture Batman Deal!

About.com interviewed Michael Caine about the Batman movie and he mentioned how he’s preparing for the role of Alfred, what he and director Chris Nolan talked about, and that he has a three-picture deal. Here’s a few clips…

How are you preparing for Batman? Well, I’ve had butlers for 30 years. He’s going to be based on my butlers. Butlers always feel superior to you, the employer. They look down on you because they know more about everything than you do. They’re older than you, and in my case, I’m Batman’s guardian and I actually am with him.

What talks have you had with Christopher Nolan? I had a three hour talk at my house, that’s all. It was to talk to me about being in the movie. He wrote the script, which is great. And he’s a lovely man, Christopher Nolan. I really thought he was very, very nice and I’m hard to fool. Instead of just repeating the franchise, they’re trying to make something of it. What they’re doing with Batman is making it as though it’s never been made before. That’s how it is and it’s different. He gave me the script for two hours to read and sent the chauffeur to take it back again. It’s like getting screeners from the Academy, they’re frightened everyone’s going to see it. It’s a change from this movie. We have $135 million to make the movie so I don’t have to share a car or anything.

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Source: About.com