Michael Caine Talks Batman!

It’s a great news day for Batman fans, as Michael Caine also talked about the Christopher Nolan project to CHUD. Here’s what he said about the film in which he will star with Christian Bale and Katie Holmes.

Naturally, the question came up about him taking on Batman next (which Caine quoted as the budget at being “$135 million. It’s so nice to be in something like that. I’m usually going around with the guys who say, ‘Can you share a car?’) and what the appeal was for Caine to step into Michael Gough’s shoes as Bruce Wayne’s butler. “Batman is being made in England, but it’s also being made quite differently,” Caine reported. “I had a long conversation with Christopher Nolan before I accepted the part. I only knew him from Memento and I didn’t know him personally. Funny enough, he lived near me, so he came around to the house and we had lunch, cups of tea and stuff and he explained to me what he was going to do and what his outlook on Batman was and why he wanted me in it. The short answer was, he wants it to be more natural. He regards – as I did anyway quite coincidentally – I find a lot of these comic book heroes boring because they are invincible. If you’re bulletproof, where’s the jeopardy for the hero? You can’t gas him, you can’t kill him, what’s the point? And he is making a very, very natural Batman. I remember one phrase he said to me, I said, ‘Well, he’s very powerful and strong.’ And he said, ‘Yes, he is Michael, but not because of Kryptonite, it’s because he does push-up’s.” As for whether Caine had known Bale before, Caine replied, “No, I’ve never met Christian Bale!”

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Source: CHUD