Kirsten Dunst Talks Spider-Man 2

Sci Fi Wire spoke to Kirsten Dunst, who reprises the role of Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 2.

“Now she has her own place in New York, and she’s getting married,” Dunst said in an interview. “She’s working and doing her own thing. I scream a lot less in this one.”

Dunst felt Mary Jane’s progression in the sequel is natural, considering her conflicted background. “Look at her family and what she came from, this abusive male in the house and this mother who’s an alcoholic,” she said. “I don’t think Mary Jane was the most secure woman to begin with, so she was a little bit more like, I guess you could say, a damsel in distress [in the first film].”

Hit the link above for a spoiler on who she’ll be marrying in the film.

Source: Sci Fi Wire