X2 Adds $17 Million in DVD & VHS Rental Revenue

We previously reported that Fox Home Entertainment sold 6 million DVD and VHS units of X2: X-Men United, earning the studio $107 million in its first five days. It’s expected to sell more than 10 million copies and approach the title’s $215 million theatrical gross earlier this year. Fox also projects an estimated $170 million from overseas home video sales of X2.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter says that it did well in rental revenue as well.

“X2” topped Nielsen VideoScan’s First Alert DVD sales chart during its debut week and the “X-Men Collection” two-disc set with “X-Men” and “X2” came in at No. 9 during the same frame. When combining all four SKUs of “X2,” the dark thriller generated an estimated $17 million in weekly rental revenue its first five days on rental shelves, making it the nation’s second-best-renting title, according to Video Store magazine data.”

Thanks to ‘Hiruu’ for the heads up.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter