Director Bryan Singer on X2 DVD & X3

TV Guide talked to X-Men movies director Bryan Singer about the new DVD and also X-Men 3. Here’s a few snippets…

TVGO: What’s your favorite line in the film?

Singer: I love when Ian McKellen says to Patrick Stewart, “You should have killed me when you had the chance.” Because if [he] had just done that, none of the problems in X-Men 1, X2 or maybe even X3 would’ve happened.

TVGO: So give me a little something more about X-Men 3.

Singer: I just did. You’re not hearing it. “You should have killed me when I had the chance.”

TVGO: Magneto comes back again?

Singer: (Coyly) I don’t know about that….

TVGO: Are there certain characters you just couldn’t make the movie without?

Singer: Yes. Not all the characters, but there are a few that I wouldn’t want to make it without.

TVGO: Hugh Jackman, obviously?

Singer: Yeah.

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Source: TV Guide