More on that Certain Spider-Man 2 Set

‘Patty’ has more on one of the Spider-Man 2 sets that we previously mentioned, confirming that it is actually in the film. Spoiler ahead

I received an email from the Sony Pictures Network, and under “Things you might not have known about the Sony Pictures Studios Lot”, it stated:

Stage 30 has a huge tank which holds 875,000 gallons of water. The tank is 70 feet deep with a 20 foot plunge pit and was used in films like “Castaway,” “Little Mermaid,” and “What Lies Beneath.” They are currently building a pier for “Spider-Man 2” here.

A pier could be a good place for possibly the final showdown for Spidey and Doc Ock? We’ll see!

While we don’t know which scene was taped here, it certainly sounds like it could be a good one!

Source: Patty