Halle Berry on Catwoman’s Fighting Style & Whip!

Halle Berry appeared on Live with Regis & Kelly today and talked about the Catwoman. Here’s the transcript, thanks to PP – Catwoman!

When asked if she was on a workout plan for the film, she said “I’m on a strict routine for this movie, and as soon as we wrap on this movie, I will be off of it. I cannot live like this. Nobody should live like this!”

The costume appears to be difficult, since it’s so bare. Is it tough to where? “It’s tough. Things fall out, a lot.” the actress says, while laughing.

The talk begins to pick up, when Halle mentions for the first time, the style of fighting that will be used in the film:

“…I have to fight in like, four inch heels. And we’re doing this style of martial arts that’s Brazilian, so it’s all low to the ground, very influenced by gymnastics…that’s challenging”

A trademark for Catwoman, is her whip, and Halle sounds enthusiastic about it:

“Oh, I’m real good…I’m wicked with the whip. This one’s like eight feet long, and when you get that first crack…oh!”

Source: PP – Catwoman