Halle Berry Talks Catwoman

Superhero Hype! parent site ComingSoon.net chatted with Halle Berry about her new movie “Gothika” which opens this Friday. She also mentioned the Catwoman movie and here’s that clip…

Halle Berry, who plays Storm in the X-Men movies, is currently filming another superhero adaptation, Catwoman, up in Vancouver. She told us a bit about what to expect. “I do wear a mask in this one and what I like a lot about this script is that it harkens back to the Catwomen of the past. Like we’re not presenting that I’m the only Catwoman. I’m one of nine Catwomen. We believe there are nine Catwomen in this life and I’m one of them. I would be the sixth or fifth one. And so, there are scenes where they talk about, yeah you know, that really great Catwoman on the east coast, which is supposed to be Michelle Pfeiffer. It leaves room for us to appreciate the ones of the past and also make a space for this new Catwoman version which is mine who is a little more 2004. The costume is a little bit more sexy than the costumes of the past, she’s a little bit more urban, and hopefully we’ll find a right tone for her that will make her like the other ones, but somehow different at the same time.”

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Source: ComingSoon.net