Halle Berry Studies Cat for Catwoman

USA Today talked to Halle Berry about how she’s getting into character for Catwoman

Berry has fallen for one of the young male co-stars on the set of Catwoman, her high-kicking Batman spinoff now filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, for release in 2004. This time, Berry has given her heart to a rescued shelter cat named Fig Newton, one of 60 homeless felines being used in the film.

“I’m watching how he walks around and listening to how he purrs and how he plays and when he gets angry,” Berry says of her “muse.”

“He comes up with some good sounds he makes all night long that I’m definitely going to use.”

Seated demurely on a sofa in a posh suite at L’Ermitage Hotel, Berry appears her usual gorgeous self, though perhaps more soft-spoken and less carefree.

She declines to give a preview of her Catwoman purr, just as she resists offering an update on the status of her marriage.

“It’s all so personal and new and fresh,” she explains.

The full interview, with more on her upcoming film “Gothika”, is available at the link above!

Source: USA Today