Phil Tippett Talks Hellboy Special Effects

CG Channel spoke to Phil Tippett from F/X house Tippett Studio about the Hellboy effects…

We’re certainly motivated by the ethics of craftsmanship, trying to do good work. I believe that that is pretty much our calling card, rather than just working on the super-slick, popular pictures. It’s really important for us, on whatever projects we’re working on, to pay a great deal of attention to detail, the picture making and the performance side of things. Everybody here takes a great deal of pride in that. We also try to be filmmaker friendly. Currently we’re working with Guillermo del Toro on Hellboy. He’s this terrific guy, who really understands the milieu. He’s very engaging, really includes you, and wants as much creativity to come from you as possible. That’s really worthwhile, looking for those kinds of relationships. So you’re not just churning out visual effects by the yard, and charging ten thousand dollars a frame (or whatever it is), but are actually trying to be much more filmmaker friendly.

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Source: CG Channel