Hugh Jackman Talks X3 & The Bill Bixby Story

Scooper ‘Stelek1’ sent us this great update from across the pond. However, we can’t confirm whether or not Hugh Jackman was actually on GMTV this morning because they no longer have the Monday schedule listed on their site. If anyone can confirm he was on there, or not, then please let us know…

Over here in Britain, Breakfast News Bulletin show GMTV, ran an interview with Hugh Jackman to coincide with the British DVD release of X2: X-Men United. Hugh mainly spoke about his starring role in the Broadway show The Boy From Oz.

The Female reporter asked Hugh about the possibilities of him doing X-Men 3 to wich he replied: “Well it will be a few years off, but i am tied to the character of Wolverine and really do want to know how his story progresses. Y’Know, I owe alot to Wolverine, and i love working with Bryan Singer, and Pat Stewart and Ian McKellan and the guys so i’d be silly to throw it all away, so yes when they are ready, i’m there”.

The reporter asked him what was next for him to which he replied. “Well i am just finishing up on a film called Van Helsing wich is a big adventure movie for Universal. Its kind of like the monster mash, its got Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman in it. I co-star with Kate Beckinsale, who i had a great time working with, she’s a beautiful actress. After that, i plan to take a rest, but one project dear to my heart and i hope i can make is The Bill Bixby Story. I have been writing the script for this for five months. Bryan (Singer), first told me about Bill Bixby when we where making X2 and i was keen to find out more about him,I only vaguely knew him from The Hulk TV series, and the more i found out the more i knew that i wanted to do a movie about him. His story is so moving and sincere, he was a remarkable performer and person, with, like all of us a dark side, and alot of tragedy in his life. This is the kind of film i want to do after months of doing the action and adventure. Call it a chance for me to exercise my deeper emotions if you will”.

After this the interview ended to wich back in the GMTV studio presenter Fiona Philips said “Hugh Jackman, you wont like him when he’s angry”.

Source: Stelek1