Spider-Man 2 Rumors for Your Saturday

Some interesting, but very unconfirmed scoops today. First is ‘BlackSmith’ with possible spoilers

I was recently on the backlot of Sony Studios standing four feet away from a massive soundstage. (I forget which one) On the other side of that wall they were filming the finale of Spiderman II. I couldn’t get much info, but I did get a tiny tidbit. It seems the finale is set in some kind of dock area with wrecked boathouses and the like. My source said the set was spectacular. Sounds like a great place for the final showdown between Spidey and Doc Ock!

Then ‘Alex’ from Zombie Guide wrote…

I run the largest fansite online for the rock group The Cranberries.

Earlier today, I interviewed the band’s sound engineer via telephone and he told me that lead singer Dolores O’Riordan has recorded a solo song called “Black Widow” which they are trying to put onto the soundtrack for Spider-Man 2.

You can read the full interview transcript or download an MP3 of the interview at the link above!

Source: BlackSmith, Alex