Halle Berry Talks Catwoman on Letterman!

Halle Berry just appeard on The Late Show with David Letterman and talked about Catwoman. Here’s ‘A1ant’ with the update…

Halle Berry was a guest on THE LATE SHOW today! She was there promoting her upcoming film, GOTHIKA.

She got to talk a little bit about her upcoming CATWOMAN. She said that she’s been very busy filming it, and when the host asked her what her super-powers are, Halle said that (I’m paraphrasing): “She doesn’t have any super-powers, besides those of a big tiger or cat.”

Something even more interesting…she went on to say that Patience Price isn’t the only Catwoman. She is one of NINE Catwomen that have existed in the world, thus bringing in homages to the Cat-Women of the past (and others we have yet to hear about).

She also confirms that her character dies, like all previous the past Catwoman and is resurrected.

Halle will be appearing on many new programs this week also, so make sure to check them out, as she may reveal more interesting info:

10.13 – The Late Show (CBS)

10.14 – Late Night w/ Conan (NBC)

10.17 – 106th & Park (BET)

10.19 – SNL w/ Britney Spears

Thanks also to ‘Webakin’ and ‘Guardian_Devil’ for the heads up.

Source: A1ant