Catwoman Set Pictures & Script Pages!

Hollywood North Report writes in with more news from the Catwoman sets in Vancouver (Spoilers ahead!)…

We’ve got a few more pics to wet your appetite of Halle Berry in Vancouver, 2 shots with the suit on and another of her as “Patience Price”. The Cat Suit controversy still rages with many questions such as was the catsuit pictured in Time Magazine picture maybe a prototype? Does the “Catwoman” character change outfits as time goes by and become more provocative and cat like? The latter is what we’ve been hearing here in town.

Thanks to scooper “Goonies Never Say Die” who sent in 5 scanned pages of the shooting script. The scene involves “Catwoman” going to a nightclub and having a run in with “Armando” played by Micheal Massee and reciting such crap dialogue as “Kitty want whip now” and “Cat got your tongue”. HNR is able to verify the identity (and validity of the pages) of the scooper as the scene was shot last week at the Rogers Sugar Building in Vancouver.

Cast Notes: Sharon Stone’s is now in town and set to shoot her 1st scene next week, also her characters full name is “Laurel Hedare”. Alex Borstein is set to play “Sally “. Still no word if in fact Frances McDormand has signed on to the picture to play one of “Laurel’s” henchmen or is that henchwoman?

Hit the link above to check out the pictures and the script pages.

Source: Hollywood North Report