Catwoman Set Pictures from Vancouver!

Hollywood North Report writes in with first word on the Catwoman production which has started in Vancouver….

HNR was present today at Hastings and Hornby in Downtown Vancouver for the start of principle photography on DC’s 1st comic book feature since 1997’s “Batman & Robin”. It was an exciting time with flocks of tourists and paparazzi all over the place. We would like to commend WB’s production personnel for their courtesy in dealing fairly with the crowd.

Now here come the pictures. The scene being shot today involved Patience Price(Halle Berry) walking down the street carrying a box containing the Egyptian Mao cat. We were able to snap a few shots of Halle Berry conversing with French Director Pitof, along with some shots of the general area, Catwoman’s motorcycle and what could be Gotham City license plates(depending on if the film is set there or not)

Also we received the official synopsis submitted to the city by the production office:

“Catwoman” is a feature film based on characters created by DC Comics. In this new adventure Patience Price, a mild mannered graphic artist, is murdered in order to keep her silent about an accidental discovery she made. An ancient myth is played out, when an Egyptian Mao cat, indebted to Patience for saving her it’s own life, breathes life back into the young woman. Patience is reborn with an independent attitude, carefree behavior and the heightened senses of a cat. Now she must investigate the circumstances behind her murder and learn to accept both parts of herself.

Hit the link above to check out the pictures!

Source: Hollywood North Report