Edgerton Gives Big Spider-Man 2 Spoiler?

‘Robert’ found an interview with actor Joel Edgerton who may have let a bit too much slip out about Spider-Man 2 (or a third Spidey film perhaps?). Possible big SPOILERS ahead, so read at your own risk…

I stumbled across a old (don’t know how old) interview with actor Joel E. In this interview he mentions the following possible spoiler on one of the main new characters:

Surely after Ned Kelly he’ll have a better chance at playing a spandex-clad superhero in Marvel Comics’ latest gazillion-dollar adaptation? “It’s funny you say that. Two of the things that I was asked to meet on [in the US] were to play villains in both a Superman movie and Spider-Man 2.” At this very moment, fan-boys everywhere are flooding their jeans in bowel-loosening spasms of envy. “I was definitely too scruffy for the Spider-Man villain – he needed to be an astronaut… and we don’t know whether Superman’s going ahead or not, but I’d like to be the guy that points Kryptonite at him – that would be fun,” he smirks.

The full interview can be found at the source link above. Daniel Gillies ended up playing astronaut John Jameson in the Spidey sequel, but Edgerton saying he’s a villain is certainly interesting. Perhaps we may see Man-Wolf after all, or maybe in a third film?

Source: Reuben Ham