The Hulk Movie Goes to USA & Sci Fi

Universal TV has sold the network window for The Hulk to its USA Network and Sci Fi Channel. The buyers have agreed to let the studio seek out a broadcast network to share in the window and help to shoulder a portion of the license fee, which could climb to between $15 million and $20 million.

USA gets the first burst of runs of The Hulk, beginning early in 2006. Following that burst, which could stretch for six months to a year, Universal is offering a broadcast network two possible deals.

The first option would give the broadcaster two runs of the film over an exclusive 18-month window. The second scenario would put it on a shuttle between cable and broadcast, it would go back and forth between networks yearly. The Hulk will finish off its run exclusively on both USA and Sci Fi for the final three years of the contract.

The Hulk will also go to Starz! in the pay TV window starting in June.

Source: Variety