The Scoop on The Punisher Filming Tonight!

Scooper ‘XIII’ continues to keep us up-to-date as to what is happening down in Tampa for The Punisher movie. His report includes spoilers

I got to check out the Punisher shooting tonight. I was at the “Railroad Hotel” with my brother and his girlfriend checking out what they were doing. When we got there they were setting up a motorcycle out front of the building. Then they wet the street with a truck and then a stunt driver/double for I think Jane drove the old black GTO out from the side of the building and around the other side and down the street. That was all they filmed. There were no stars out tonight. There were 2 black gto’s and one green car. I think it is called a roadrunner but I could be wrong. They were cleaning up by 9:15pm. I asked someone if they would be filming at the railroad anymore and was told that that might be their last time there. On the way home I saw a third GTO car parked at a garage. There were no seats inside. One of the crew pulled up and told me that the car would be used to flip it on an up-and-coming night. Then the guy opened the back of his truck and showed us the engine that belonged to the car or they were gonna use for the car. It was a very cool night.

Thanks for the report, great stuff!

Source: XIII