M. Night Shyamalan Writing & Directing Superman?

Boy, this can’t get anymore confusing, can it? First Variety claims that McG was again in talks to direct Warner Bros.’ Superman, then we receive news that sets are already being build for the film and now comes this. Is the studio starting from scratch with the master of thrills M. Night Shyamalan? Check out what Superman-V.com writes…

Who is this mystery writer/director that could be coming onto Warner Bros’ new-look, Peters lacking Superman? Who is Mark Millar talking about? We can’t say for sure who he meant, but after consulting various sources, only one name came up that wasn’t McG… M. Night Shyamalan.

As for being someone who will not disappoint fans and being a writer/director (Mark’s description), he fits the bill. Does he know Mark? We don’t know, however it seems Mark is a huge fan of Unbreakable. In fact, Shyamalan’s quite the Superman nut, having a two-foot statue of the Man of Steel in his office and writing the introduction for Alex Ross’ upcoming ‘Mythology’ book.

Until we hear something official, we’ll still assume that McG is the director for producer Jon Peters. But this is certainly interesting. Also check out our latest word which says that Brendan Fraser might be in the running again.

Source: Superman Homepage, Superman-V.com