Cinematographer Wally Pfister Talks Batman: Intimidation Game!

‘Robert’ just sent us this exclusive interview with Batman: Intimidation Game director of photography Wally Pfister, who worked together with director Christopher Nolan on “Insomnia” and “Memento” and worked on the excellent “The Italian Job” remake as well.

I have got exclusive info for you on Batman: Intimidation Game. I had the chance to do a Q&A with the wonderful cinematographer Wally Pfister about the project.

I asked him about his involvement in the project. He started of by saying: “The project is very confidential, and I’m not able to say much….” He still has some interesting things to say though.

Q: Has director Chris Nolan approached you to work on Batman: Intimidation Game?

WP: ‘Yes, I am signed on as Director of Photography on the Batman project’

Q: When do you expect to start working on Batman: Intimidation Game; Test shooting and Principal Photography?

WP: ‘I have already begun early stages of pre-production on the project.’

Q: Who else (crew) will be working with you and Chris Nolan?

WP: ‘Production Designer, NATHAN CROWLEY (“INSOMNIA”) is also on board as well as Producer, EMMA THOMAS (“INSOMNIA”, “MEMENTO”, “FOLLOWING”).’

Q: Are you a Batman fan? If so, can you tell me what makes him so special? Which of the 4 Bat-films did you like and why?

WP: ‘As a kid I was a big fan of the original Batman tv series. Out of the movies, I only really like the first one. I think Tim Burton’s vision was quite original. This has no bearing as to the approach I will take with Chris for the upcoming film.’

Q: Will you be using any new camera-techniques for this film?

WP: ‘I always like to try new things on every film.’

Q: Which other locations will you shooting?

WP: ‘Not able [to tell].’

Q: Are you excited about Batman: Intimidation Game?

WP: ‘I am extremely excited about the project. Chris Nolan is a brilliant filmmaker and he will bring an original and exceptional vision to this material.’

Many many thanks to Wally for giving some insight!!

And thanks a bunch to ‘Robert’ for providing us with the latest. Stay tuned for lots more on the project!

Source: Robert