The Punisher Filming Details for Today – Updated!

Two scoopers wrote in earlier today about filming for The Punisher in Tampa today. First up is ‘DrewGirl’ with a couple of possible spoilers

Today they have the whole block closed off in front of the building that is being used in downtown, as the railroad hotel, there are cameras and crew people all over the place. I went as far as I could onto the set and talked with some people there as the crew set up.

I saw extras being filmed in a taxi and then being dragged into the building!!!

I am going back later today and I will try and see if I can get pictures then. The streets are Nebraska and Cass. They are on the left hand side if you are coming from Kennedy in downtown tampa…It looks like they are based out of the old train station that is right there on the corner of my building at Twiggs and Nebraska.

Hopefully ‘DrewGirl’ will be able to snap some shots, stay tuned. ‘XIII’ also wrote in about this filming…

I heard today on the local tv news that the punisher will be filming on Nebraska road near Ybor in Tampa today til 9pm tonight. I see if I can get more info when I go home that way. The news said that the road will be closed but I will still try.

Cool, if anyone hears or sees anything else just let us know!

UPDATE: ‘mannix’ writes in with more on today’s events…

Watched the shooting at the “Railroad Hotel” building during lunch. Looks like a blond woman (looked like Romijn-Stamos/Joan) and another man pull up in a cab and drag another, shorter dark haired guy into the hotel. Thomas Jane was not involved. Took some photos, I’ll go back there after work and post ’em afterwards.

Source: DrewGirl, XIII