Ray Park Talks Iron Fist Movie

Was director Steve Carr not correct in saying he was directing the Iron Fist movie? According to Ray Park no director is attached yet. Here’s ‘Dan’ with the latest…

I am currently attending the annual Comic Book/SFX/Anime Expo (Aug. 22-24/03)held at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This Saturday afternoon at 1pm, Ray Park held an intimate and interactive Q & A session with his fans. One obvious question asked was the status of “Iron Fist”.

Mr. Park stated that he still wants to do the film before he gets too old and there is still no director. He hoping filming will begin sometime next year, however if that doesn’t happen he said he’s hoping to do two other film projects he has in the pipelines.

‘X-Fan#1’ confirms the above and reports…

Hey SHH, X-Fan#1 here after getting back from day 2 of the comic-con here in Toronto. I got a chance to ask a question during Ray Park’s Q&A. I asked him what is going on with the Iron Fist movie adaption and he said how its been talked about for around 3 years, but he thinks production may start in about a year if they find a director. He also said he looked forward to the role because it would be his chance to play a main character that is also a good guy.

Source: Dan, X-Fan#1