Spoilers from The Punisher Set

Dark Horizons posted these spoilers from the Florida set.

“I have seen what I believe is going to be the opening. If not, an important flashback. An “undercover” gay eurotrash Frank Castle ordering some punks around with a lisp and a fat cigarette, then gets shot by his partner. Based on what I saw, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be an accident, or if his partner is “dirty”. Then a bunch of FBI guys bust in and do a lot of shouting and gun pointing. Castle shows up at an outdoor press conference in downtown Tampa to confront his partner, they talk about him on the news too, he’s wearing the skull shirt, but he has a shirt buttoned over it. Kinda stupid. There is also a scene of him talking to his son, and get this, his son says “I liked you better with blonde hair” He replies ” I’m a Castle, we’ve always had black hair.” He then continues to talk about the Castle family, how they have been moving from place to place for years, and how this move for the family will be the last. I suppose that’s supposed to be cryptic, since they all get gunned down in short order.

Source: Dark Horizons