Exclusive Spider-Man 2 Movie Update!

Scooper ‘goalie33’ is back with more great news about Spider-Man 2. Here’s the latest word on the sequel!

Well, I managed to get a few more juicy tidbits about Spider-Man 2 from my friend who just finished working on the set. He says we can expect to see a trailer attached to a Sony movie around Thankgiving or Christmas time. He also said the film will have many more shots like we saw at the end of the first movie. He says “I saw rough cuts and they are amazing! Spider-Man goes in and out and all over the place.”

We can’t wait to see the teaser trailer. Possible movies it could be with are Sony’s “Radio” opening November 21, “Big Fish” on November 26, “The Missing” on December 10, “Something’s Gotta Give” on December 12, “Mona Lisa Smile” on December 19 or maybe even “Peter Pan” on Christmas Day (which is a co-production with Universal).

Source: goalie33