Supergirl Episode 203 Recap: Welcome to Earth

The mysterious Kryptonian throws Kara through a window and rushes through the DEO. He seems to have all the same powers Kryptonians have: super speed, super strength. When he is cornered by Alex, he jumps out a window, lands safely, and runs.

John Doe is the least of Supergirl’s concerns. The President of the United States is coming into town to sign the alien amnesty act, which would allow aliens to come out of the shadows and grant them citizenship. Hank thinks this law is a mistake: in his experience, aliens are bad. Alex tends to agree with him, but Supergirl is super positive about it. And she goes bonkers when she finds out she will be meeting the president.

Supergirl flies in to meet the president’s plane. The president appears, and the audience cheers. A stream of fire shoots out of seemingly nowhere, knocking out one of the secret service agents. The other two are killed by similar beams. Supergirl protects the president from a fourth beam meant for her. With the president safe, Alex sets about securing the scene. A detective, Maggie Sawyer, claims jurisdiction over the case, which doesn’t please Alex, who goes with secret service as her cover.

Winn has tracked down John Doe by his DEO tracking bracelet. Alex moves in with a team, and discover it is just Sawyer. John Doe ditched the bracelet. Now Sawyer knows Alex is DEO, and doesn’t seem too surprised by it. Sawyer ends up taking Alex to a secret dive bar. It is sparsely populated, and all of the patrons are aliens. It is a safe haven for aliens, most of which are hard working immigrants who just want a better life. They ask one of the patrons about John Doe, and he remembers him asking about star coordinates. He was trying to get home. Alex rushes from the bar, bumping into a grouchy alien on the way out.

At the DEO, Winn scans the skies for deep space signals, and finds one. But it isn’t trying to contact Krypton; it is trying to contact Daxam. This worries Kara, and she rushes to the warehouse, finds this Daxamite, and beats the hell out of him. With the Daxamite safely imprisoned, Kara explains her concern. Daxam and Krypton fought a bloody war, started by Daxam, ending in a stalemate. Daxam was a monarchy that ruled hoodlums, who did not appreciate Krypton’s free, democratic society. Supergirl marches back to the Daxamite’s cell, negatively generalizing about all Daxamites. John Doe sees no point in arguing with her, since she has already made up her mind, but the story he was told, it was Krypton who attacked Daxam unprovoked. He didn’t come here to kill anyone; in fact, he just wants to get home.

With John Doe safely locked up, the president can safely sign the alien amnesty act. As she starts to sign, flames destroy the accord. The alien that Alex bumped into at the bar is the one behind the terrorism. Red flames up everything in sight, then disappears with Sawyer as her hostage. Supergirl blames herself for letting her guard down, thinking that the Daxamite has to be the suspect. Alex recognizes Red and goes back to the bar. After trying to strong arm some answers out of a patron, the bartender speaks up. She hangs out by the foundry.

Sawyer insists she cares about the alien community, but Red believes the amnesty act is a ploy to “out” aliens. Supergirl shows up and starts fighting Red while Alex frees Sawyer. Supergirl ices her, then whips up a mini tornado to put out her flames. Sawyer knocks her out for the win.

With the real threat quelled, Supergirl returns to John Doe’s cell. She opens it and introduces herself. He offers his name: Mon-El. Supergirl doesn’t make mention of his curiously Kryptonian name. He is trying to get in touch with Daxam; he just wants to go home. She explains that, after Krypton was destroyed, much of the debris rained down on Daxam and its moon. The moon was hit especially hard, disrupting its gravitational pull. After being ravaged by solar storms, Daxam is now a wasteland.

The president thanks Supergirl and Hank and the rest of the DEO. As she leaves, we see her eyes glow bright blue, and her skin is red and mottled. The president is an alien.

There was a lot of CatCo stuff going on in tonight’s episode. James has his first editorial meeting, where he is bitch-slapped by Snapper. Snapper hands out the assignments, making Kara interview Lena Luthor in order to ask the sister of Earth’s most notorious alien hater what she thinks of the amnesty act. While interviewing Lena, she shows off her new alien identification device, which allows anyone to know if they are with a human or an alien. Lena insists this is purely a business decision, but it sure sounds more sinister to me.

Hank heads down to the alien dive bar in his J’onn J’onzz skin. The bartender is stunned by his appearance. J’onn offers to put his Hank skin back on, but she excuses herself and rushes outside. He follows, catching up to her as Hank. He asks if he knows her. The bartender sighs and turns around. She is a Martian, too. She introduces herself as M’gann M’orzz, the last daughter of Mars.

You can watch a preview for the next episode, titled “Survivors,” using the player below.