Supergirl Season 2 Premiere Recap and Preview for Next Week

Supergirl on The CW picks up right where it left off on CBS: the celebratory dinner at Kara’s house, with the proceedings interrupted by something plummeting through the air. Supergirl and J’onn J’onzz take off after it, and discover it is another pod from Krypton, identical to Kara’s. Inside is an unconscious young man. The pod is taken back to the new DEO, a high-rise building in the middle of the city, one that everyone else knew about except Kara (nice cover, CW). The man is comatose.

Kara returns to CatCo in response to a text from Cat. She wants to know what position Kara wants at the company. Kara doesn’t have an answer – it has only been 12 hours since Cat made her the offer. She took an online quiz that told her she might be good at marketing. Cat is underwhelmed and insists she keep thinking. Next it’s time for Kara’s first date with James. He brings over pizza and potstickers – her favorite meal – and lets her watch the Venture space launch on TV.

The ship takes off, but an explosion in the upper atmosphere causes it to plummet back to Earth. Everyone is glued to their TV screens, hoping for a Kryptonian to be watching. Supergirl is, and she rushes off to save the ship. So does Superman. They team up, with Supergirl trying to slow its speed while Superman cools its jets. Together, they land the ship together and share their excitement for finally getting the chance to team up together.

The superheroes head into the DEO, and everyone is starstruck by Superman, including Alex (who thinks he smells awesome) and Winn (who turns into the nerdiest fanboy ever). Alex notices that the relationship between Hank and Superman is frosty at best. The two Supers go visit the comatose man. Neither recognize him, but Winn was able to figure out that he traveled through the Well of Stars at some point. The coma-Kryptonian is of no use, so Hank tells Supergirl to work on the Venture explosion. She takes Superman to work out of CatCo.

Even Cat is starstruck when Clark Kent comes into the office, something that James tells Kara always happens. Clark is careful to point out that he and Lois Lane are still a couple, but Cat doesn’t care. She takes him on a tour of the office. Kara apologizes for bailing on James, but has to bail on him again: Alex has information for Kara. Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena, was supposed to be on the Venture. She moved to the city after Lex went to prison.

Meanwhile, in some nondescript warehouse, a guy with a generic, ominous European accent checks out some super high-tech drones. He was behind the Venture explosion. He kills the guy who invented the drones, then promises whoever is in his ear that he is going to plan B. He would “never let the Luthors down.”

Kara and Clark pay Lena Luthor a visit at Luthor Corp. Clark, understandably untrusting of anyone with the Luthor surname (even though she was adopted into the family at age four), asks her point-blank if she was behind the explosion. Lena is offended. She moved to the city with plans to rebrand the company L Corp, and make it a force for good. The part on the ship that exploded was made by a Luthor Corp subsidiary, and she freely turns over a drive with all the information they could possibly want or need. Once they leave, they compare notes. Both x-rayed the office and found nothing. Kara thinks she is telling the truth, but Clark doesn’t trust her.

At the DEO, Alex confronts Hank about his relationship with Superman. It has something to do with Operation Emerald. Hank explains that both he and Superman reported to a crashed asteroid and discovered it was filled with kryptonite. Superman wanted it all destroyed; Hank didn’t. (Later on, Hank confronts Superman, who tells him he will not help Hank as long as he has kryptonite in the facility.) They are interrupted by Winn, who has discovered that the explosion on the Venture was located beneath the seat that Lena was to be sitting in. She was the target.

Plan B goes into effect. Lena boards a helicopter, and they are still hovering when two of the high-tech drones take aim at the craft. The Supers come out of nowhere and take the bullets. Corben, the European hit man, speaks to them through the drones, warning that there are drones throughout the city, ready to kill innocent civilians if they try to save Lena. Superman flies off to take care of the drones while Supergirl protects the helicopter. Everyone is anticlimactically safe, and a dad who was saved by Superman tells his kids they are “moving back to Gotham.” Yeah, because Gotham is so much safer.

Back at CatCo, Kara again apologizes to James and wants to try again. He feels that something has changed for Kara, and she admits she doesn’t know what she wants. Next she goes to Cat, who gives her a typically brutal pep talk, telling Kara she must not be afraid of becoming a new version of herself.

Lena is determined to go ahead with the renaming ceremony. A few minutes into her speech, explosions go off all around her and the small crowd that has gathered. People run in a panic. The explosions were targeted on the Luthor Corp building, targeting a weak spot. While Superman holds the building upright, Supergirl fuses some new steel beams to the building, to keep it from toppling over.

Alex spots Corben in the crowd, dressed as a police officer, and instantly engages with him. Done with the building, Supergirl shows up. Corben confirms that Lex hired him from prison to kill his sister. Lena shows up and shoots him.

A few scenes tie up all the details. Kara has decided she wants to be a reporter at CatCo – something which Cat predicted the day she came in to interview for the assistant job. Kara admits to James that last year was about figuring out how to be Supergirl; this year is about figuring out how to be Kara. She thinks they are best as friends, which James accepts sadly. Winn becomes an official member of the DEO, and Clark decides he wants to stick around for a bit. He likes being around family.

Finally, we return to Corben. He is not dead, nor is he in a hospital. He is in some bunker, a makeshift hospital room, with a woman who lays out his options: he dies, or he lives forever. He agrees to be part of this woman’s insane medical experiment. She pushes a button and he is filled with chemicals that make his veins glow. “Welcome to Cadmus. Long live Metallo.”

You can watch a preview for the next episode, titled “The Last Children of Krypton,” using the player below!