Vandal Savage’s Daughter and a Giant Robot Fight in Our Legends of Tomorrow Recap

The team arrives in 2166 to some rough air. Vandal Savage is at the height of his power, and they’re just days away from him killing Rip’s family, so they have to stop him now. Rip, Sara, Snart, and Rory disguise themselves as soldiers who watch Savage give a speech, a rare public appearance wherein they can snatch him. As the Legends’ plans tend to go, this one is over before it starts, but they notice the blond woman walking with Savage has the same bracelet Kendra wore during her first death.

As they reconvene on the Waverider, Gideon reveals movement closing in on their position – it’s what’s left of the resistance. Rip takes Stein, Jax, and Ray to meet up with them and they head back to their camp. Stein and Jax get a taste of what life is like for the people under Savage’s thumb, and it ain’t pretty. Ray asks Rip about why they’re focusing on Savage now instead of saving his family, and Rip reveals he’s already tried it… more than once. Each time they die, it’s as if time wants it to happen. An alert comes through that a neighboring resistance camp was attacked, and when they arrive, there’s nothing left except fire and rubble.

The team begins to strategize about how to get and then use the bracelet on Savage (don’t forget, it being an object present at Kendra’s first death makes it powerful over him). Kendra goes to Aldus’ diary for any help, but finds nothing, only Carter’s Hawkman outfit which spurs a flashback to the early 20th century. Carter trains with his mace and is guilted into giving it to Kendra for an anniversary present. He tells her that if the time comes, he knows she’ll do what is required of her with Savage. Back in the city, the mysterious blonde woman spars with some soldiers and handily beats them. After they’re dismissed, Snart and Rory arrive and kidnap her, after she reveals she knows who they are. Snart brings her back to the ship where she reveals she’s not just a soldier, she’s Vandal Savage’s daughter.

Kendra forms a plan on how to handle Savage, but there’s some debate about what to do with Cassandra (a new character it would seem and not Vandal’s daughter from the comics, Scandal Savage). Snart opts to get the details of Savage’s bunker out of her. Rory helps Kendra’s plan come together by melting the bracelet onto her mace, giving it the right hue to swing at Savage. Meanwhile, Ray and Rip realize that Savage’s superweapon isn’t an explosive, it’s something bigger. The ship begins to shake as Leviathan heads their way. Thinking on his feet, Stein runs out and brings all of the resistance refugees onto the ship, just as Leviathan (a giant ATOM robot) arrives. Though the Waverider fires everything it has at the bot, nothing works, and they’re tossed through the air like a set of keys.

The ship crashes and Leviathan is headed their way again. Rip suggests they get on the jumpship to escape, but Stein points out they’d be leaving the refugees to die… just before realizing he’s been hit during the crash. Snart talks to Cassandra and lets her out of the prison cube to show her what her father has really done. She sees the refugees but won’t change her ways, prompting Snart to fire up the Tivo and show her a previous episode of Legends of Tomorrow where we see her father releasing the the Armageddon virus. She doesn’t believe it at first but quickly realizes he’s telling the truth.

Rip continues with his trademark moping, allowing Ray the chance to confront him about time being set. He doesn’t believe it you see, nor fate. He thinks everything happens by their own choices. The team assembles to reveal they all have plans for their problems. Kendra will take on Savage, Ray will fight Leviathan, and Snart will break into the bunker thanks to Cassandra. Outside the ship, Jax hooks up Ray to some tech and when he hits the button, our hero goes from being atom-sized, to Godzilla-sized. Leviathan arrives and they tussle like only kaiju can. Ray gets the upper hand and tosses the robot across the sky, in perhaps the best fight of the whole series. He gets knocked down by Leviathan eventually, and resorts to using his gauntlets, which are effective for a time. Leviathan shrinks down, however, and knocks Ray on his back, prompting Jax to remind Ray about his “choice” speech. Ray chooses to get up and finishes the fight by knocking Leviathan’s head clean off.

Meanwhile, Savage learns Cassandra has returned, but quickly realizes she’s double crossed him when he notices her bracelet is gone. The team reveals themselves, and Savage’s soldiers quickly make their presence known as well. Before the brawl breaks out, Savage has a vision of Kendra, who swoops down and knocks him into an interior set. Their fight finally begins and Kendra is getting all the good hits in, putting Savage in his place. As she prepares to deliver the killing blow, she shouts “This is for Carter!” but then a goon arrives and fires at her. She turns around to engage him and quickly dispatches him, knocking his helmet off. Kendra gets ready to kill the man herself, but notices this no goon, it’s Carter. Savage reveals he found Carter in this time and brainwashed him before he could even remember who he is, putting Kendra between a rock and a hard place. She holds him down as Rip enters and begs her to do it, but she can’t. They compromise and bring them both back onto the ship.

Snart brings Cassandra to the Resistance camp, who don’t want to trust her just yet but learn she is being sincere and will pass along valuable information. Ray finds Kendra when she gets back on the ship and asks what happened for them to bring Savage on the ship. She then says the four words no one in a relationship ever wants to hear: “We need to talk.” Stein wakes up, totally fine, and free from experiencing any fun. Rip goes to see Savage in the brig where he waxes poetic about being a bad guy, before asking Rip if he still think’s there’s hope in the world. Time will tell. Get it? It’s a time travel show.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “River of Time,” using the player below.