Take a Trip to the Fortress of Solitude in Our Supergirl Episode 15 Recap

Take a trip to the Fortress of Solitude in our Supergirl recap

Cat is in a particularly bad mood when she calls a staff meeting, looking for their next story. Siobhan thinks she has it, in a sealed envelope she worked very hard to get from the mail room. She presents it proudly to Cat, who refuses to take it – she doesn’t accept unopened mail. James opens it and they discover it is a thumb drive with the hacked files of Diamond Discretions, a cheating website for the wealthy and influential. Cat refuses to publish such garbage and gives the drive back to Siobhan, insisting she melt it in the microwave. Siobhan instead pockets the drive and slinks away.

James asks Kara if she thinks Cat did the right thing, but really it is just a way for him to beat around the bush and try to get permission to tell Lucy her secret. Kara again declines, insisting that things are “too complicated” right now. To make things more complicated, all the TVs in the office get snowy, then switch to a live image of a blonde woman who is disappointed that CatCo didn’t publish her little gift. Since they “failed to act,” all will suffer. “The age of chaos begins now,” the woman vows, promising banking systems will go down, traffic cameras will malfunction, power will go out, etc. Cat directs “Toyman Jr.” to fix this. Within minutes, Winn has live shots of traffic cameras. All the traffic lights in the city have turned green, causing accidents at every intersection. Supergirl flies in to save a family in a Prius from being demolished by a big rig.

Lucy wants to work with James on this, but James is going to work with someone else. Lucy is disappointed because she knows he is going to work with Supergirl. James promises they will have dinner tonight, which seems to mollify Lucy.

Winn and James meet at Kara’s apartment. Winn is working on creating some kind of digital inversion path to find the hacker. But then the hacker appears on his computer screen, and she wants to meet, face to face, right now. Suddenly, the hacker bursts out of the computer screen in an array of pixels and regains human form, but with blue skin and a trio of glowing dots on her forehead. She has Winn and James by the neck, daring Supergirl to pick one to save. Alex and Hank burst in, and the hacker retreats back into the computer.

Hank explains that they found the hacker due to alien code in her wifi signal, but the rest of the details are classified to current DEO agents. Kara is steadfast in her decision not to return to the DEO; she doesn’t even want to team up with them. She is still really pissed at Hank, and Alex is desperately unhappy. She doesn’t like that he is taking the blame, and she misses working with her sister. Kara secretly admits to James that she is a little worried that she won’t be as effective as Supergirl without the DEO’s resources.

The hacker meets Non on a rooftop. She now goes by the name Indigo, not Braniac 8, and she is glad Astra is dead. Non believes his wife’s death is the only reason Indigo chose to show herself. She is there to disprove Astra’s “foolish belief” that aliens should live beside humans. Indigo vows that hell is coming to Earth, and only she and Kryptonians will survive.

When Alex stops by CatCo, Kara immediately thinks she is going to try to recruit her back to the DOE – again. So she is a little annoyed when Alex is there to recruit Winn to build code to track the hacker. Kara tells him to go – but isn’t happy about it. James suggests they go some place to find out about aliens.

Supergirl flies James up to the Fortress of Solitude. Superman has invited her up there before but she always came up with an excuse not to go. Kal-X appears, a robotic helper, and explains that Indigo is a Coluan, from the planet Colu. She was the most dangerous inmate at Fort Rozz, with plans to destroy entire planets. James wants to take this info to Hank; Supergirl refuses.

Back at work the next day, James is excited to tell Lucy that they are dealing with a computer alien. Lucy is mad at him, and it takes James a minute to figure out why: he forgot their date. She is pissed that he was with Supergirl and storms off. Kara approaches Lucy on the patio in the hopes of calming Lucy down. She talks about what a great guy James is, and how he is just trying to live up to his father’s dreams for him. Lucy is jealous. James never talks about his father, and didn’t know that he gave James his first camera. She thanks Kara for sharing.

Later in the day, Lucy brings new info to Kara and James. She believes that the hack, the general digital chaos, was all a cover for Indigo’s true target: General Jonathan Mathers. Mathers has the nuclear launch codes, and Lucy believes Indigo wants to nuke National City.

And that is just what Indigo sets out to do. Mathers goes to a missile silo at Fort Pemberton, and is surprised to learn that he gets cell phone reception inside. Indigo jumps out of the phone and kills all the men stationed inside the silo. She stretches her arms extra-long so that she can turn both ignition keys at the same time. Suddenly Supergirl blasts into the silo, and the two women fight. Indigo still manages to activate the nuclear launch sequence. The blast doors open, the missile is fired, and Supergirl races after it. Speaking with James over her communicator watch, she tells him that there is no time to evacuate the city; she has to take care of the missile herself. She pushes the missile off-course, but is shocked when it turns around and continues towards National City. Her next plan is to blow it up with heat vision, which James quickly tells her is a bad, bad idea.

With no other options, Supergirl finally calls Hank, who tells her she will need to override the missile’s onboard computer. While she is doing that, Winn is working to execute a particularly nasty virus he “accidentally” wrote a few years ago. He thinks if he can get that into Indigo, he can take her down for good. It takes two tries, but Supergirl finally gets into the missile’s computer and shuts the device down. It’s thrusters turn off and the missile drops harmlessly into the ocean.

Indigo is pissed, but not too concerned; there are still plenty of missiles left. Kara shows up and the fighting continues. Indigo reaches through a phone and out of Winn’s computer, grabbing him by the throat. She waxes on about how she is invincible, and Winn chokes out, “No, you are just a glorified Windows Vista.” He shoots her full of computer virus, and she immediately drops Winn and collapses in the missile silo with Supergirl. Indigo reveals that she was the one who reactivated Kara’s pod when she was stuck in the Phantom Zone. Her pod continued on to Earth, and Fort Rozz followed. Winn finishes uploading the virus, and Indigo explodes in a shower of red pixels, then disappears.

With technology back to normal, Kara returns to CatCo and admits to James that the reason she didn’t want Lucy to know her secret is because she really likes working with him, just the two of them. But she agrees that he can tell Lucy. James hugs her then goes straight to Lucy. Before he can say anything, Lucy informs him their relationship is over. She promises it is not about Supergirl; it is about Kara. When Kara told her about the story James told her, it all became clear. James never wanted to tell Lucy about his dad; he wanted to tell Kara. He loves her. “For what it’s worth, she feels the same, even if she can’t say it yet.”

Supergirl goes to the DEO, where Alex and Hank are sparring in the training room. Begrudgingly, she admits they need each other, and personal feelings aside, she is back in. Hank is pleased, but the guilt finally makes Alex crumble. She admits that she was the one who killed Astra. She reacted, which was what she was taught to do. She is ashamed that she let Hank take the blame for her, and terrified of losing her sister. Alex breaks down into tears, and Supergirl approaches. She is angry, and let’s this information sit for a moment. Finally, she hugs Alex. Hank tries to slip out of the room, but Supergirl takes him by the hand. They are all one big happy family again.

Not all family is happy with the way things turned out: Non. In his bunker, he regenerates Indigo – albeit in pieces. “Ready to do things my way?”

Also: Siobhan reveals to Winn that she found out her father was on that cheater’s website, at “platinum status.” She walked in on her dad and his mistress when she was 17, and totally scarred by it. Winn reveals moments of his own screwed-up family. Siobhan kisses Winn. While he doesn’t pull away, he also doesn’t really give in to the aggressive kiss.