Zoom’s Identity Revealed in Our Recap of The Flash Episode 2.15!

Picking up where last week left off, everyone is in shock from seeing Jay ripped back through the breach by Zoom. Barry tells Dr. Wells to open it back up, but he can’t. The breaches are all closed and they can’t be reopened, there’s nothing they can do. Later Cisco tinkers with Reverb’s goggles from Earth-2 while Caitlin rests. Wells appraoches Cisco and Barry and tells them not to tell the others about their Earth-2 doppelgangers, you don’t want to influence their fate with something they’re not. Meanwhile at an ARGUS site, Lyla is getting used to her new gig as the head of the secret organization, and lucky for her there’s been a prison break, by none other than Earth-2’s King Shark, and he wants Barry.

It’s family game night at the West house, where they’re playing with cups of all things, but Barry is out of it. Wally leaves to meet up with friends and Barry confides in Joe and Iris that he doesn’t think Wally likes him. They tell him to just get to know him, and when they ask him why he’s been so down lately Barry brushes it off. The next day at STAR Labs, Caitlin buries herself in her work, which worries Cisco. As he expresses this to Barry, some unexpected guests enter – Lyla and Diggle who are tracking King Shark. Apparently he sat in his tank and bubbled “Zoom wants The Flash dead” the whole time. The metahuman removed his tracker but they know he’s headed this way. Dr. Wells reveals on Earth-2 his name was Shay Lamden, but they find his Earth-1 doppelganger died the night the particle accelerator exploded. His wife, however, is still alive. As the team exits, Cisco offers to improve Diggle’s terrible helmet and Joe asks Barry to help Wally with his engineering project.

Tanya Lamden, wife of the late Shay and a shark researcher, gets a visit from Cisco and Caitlin, and Ms. Snow is very pushy and rude. She tells them of her husband’s death, wherein his cells enlarged and exploded, and Cisco appeals to her to let them see her research to help them track a new meta. Meanwhile, ARGUS teams and Barry run around, not finding much of anything, until two unlucky boys find King Shark and become breakfast. There’s no sign of the behemoth after the attack, and now they’ve lost the element of surprise. Go team! That night, Wally brings his project over to work on it with Barry, but many of his suggestions come off as dismissive and sneering. Barry tries to act better, but it seems Wally just doesn’t care for him.

Caitlin goes through Dr. Lamden’s research, not finding much of anything useful, and Cisco confronts her about not acting herself. He gives a vague hint about what he saw on Earth-2 and she presses him to tell her, which he does. Caitlin reminds Cisco she’s not a metahuman and suggests they return to work. Wells works on a formula to track King Shark as Jesse enters. She presses him for info on what he’s working on and offers to help. He reluctantly agrees, but Jesse quickly holds her own in writing complex formulas with markers.

Barry and Wally keep working on his project, super fast cars with jet engines running on biodiesel, but Barry seems distracted prompting Wally to take his stuff and leave. As he opens the door, King Shark rips the roof off and asks where The Flash is. Joe runs downstairs and opens fire on the beast as Barry leads Iris and Wally upstairs, and he quickly runs to the street in costume. Barry engages King Shark but he kicks him out of the way and leaves when ARGUS arrives. The West’s clean up later and act like it’s no big deal, which doubles Wally’s freaked out-ness. Barry descends the stairs and Wally calls him a coward for running away. After Wally leaves Joe asks what happened on Earth-2 and Barry tells them, he weaps as he reveals that he left an entire world in Zoom’s clutches.

The team reassembles at STAR Labs where Dr. Wells still hasn’t cracked the tracking formula. Caitlin has an idea from Dr. Lamden’s research, tracking him using electrolocation. It’s not that unbelievable in a show with a giant shark, come on people. The team sets up a a dummy Flash filled with tranquilizers. After hours of waiting, King Shark finally appears and takes the bait, but he wasn’t fooled and leaps on the dock. Barry draws him away by running on the water, fulfilling the messianic metaphors that Wally mentioned earlier. Barry runs in a circle and tosses a bolt at King Shark, sedating him. ARGUS gets him loaded up and decides to study him instead of weaponize him. Caitlin suggests bringing in Dr. Lamden, which might cause a fit from King Shark, but what do I know. Diggle pulls Barry aside and tells him he knows what it’s like to feel this lost, but he can’t let that guilt tear him apart.

At Jitters, Joe goes over Wally’s engineering project and is beyond impressed. Wally still appears jealous over how he talks about Barry, so Joe explains the circumstances. Barry’s entire backstory and how he came to live with them. He closes his talk by saying they’re both his sons. Back at STAR, Caitlin plays a dirty trick on Cisco and makes him think she’s turned evil. It’s sweet. Barry assembles the crew and apologizes to them. Everything that has happened to them is because of him, so they’re going to stop Zoom anyway they can. He lifts up a sheet to reveal Jay’s helmet in a glass case. Back on Earth-2, we see Zoom return to his lab and drop Jay’s body on the floor. The masked man in the cage beats on the glass and we see the villain take off his own mask, revealing that he was Jay Garrick all along.

Wacky theory time! It was revealed weeks ago that the Earth-1 counterpart for “Jay” was named Hunter Zolomon, a kid adopted and had his named changed. It’s a genius red herring because it made people think that this Earth-1 guy was the villain and ignore what was in front of them, Jay was never Jay, but Earth-2’s Hunter Zolomon. In the comics, Zolomon doesn’t tap into the Speed Force like the other speedsters, his powers are more time related. So the Jay we knew is also Zoom but perhaps from a different point in time, leading to my wacky theory: The man in the iron mask in Zoom’s lair is ALSO Jay. Sound off with your own thoughts below!