There’s a New Firestorm in Town in Our DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode 5 Recap

Despite the last episode ending in a Russian prison, we see Dr. Stein talking to a clean-cut and proper Cisco before quickly realizing he is hallucinating thanks to Dr. Vostok. She wants the Firestorm formula so bad she’ll pretend to be the comedic relief of The Flash! Dr. Stein seems to think he’s in a place to negotiate, so Vandal Savage enters to tell him torture isn’t off the table. Bring it, says the doc in perhaps his best moment across The CW shows. Jax trembles in the infirmary about the Waverider and Kendra tries to calm him – his connection to Stein is causing him problems. The ship’s AI Gideon has no record of anyone breaking into this particular prison, but that’s not going to stop Snart (it’s not his “first Prison Break”). Sara comes up with the idea of getting help from the Bratva (the Russian Mob) and after some sauna fighting, they get the help they sought.

In the prison, Ray and Rory are moved to their cells, and Ray’s peppy demeanor is about to make him a target. As Snart, Sara and Hunter prepare for the rescue, Hunter decides to sideline Kendra and Jax for this mission – they can’t have their most important members out there for a mission that isn’t the main one. Rip brings Sara into his quarters and shows her what happens if Stein gives up the formula, multiple Firestorms laying waste to Star City and the world. He tells her if they can’t extract him, to kill him. Sara arms herself and tosses Snart the tiny ATOM suit, and he inquires what Hunter told him to do. She plays coy, but Snart already figured it out. Even Snart knows that’s a bad plan, but Sara is convinced that doing it for the future is the right reason.

In the prison yard, Ray makes a new friend and gets the snot beat out of him. Rory takes a lighter from another inmate and stares at it intently, perhaps one of the best jokes in the show. Stein continues to stall his interrogation with Dr. Vostag, and thinks he has the upper hand, but she reveals she made more than one Thermocore to begin with and once they force a nuclear war to happen, they’ll rise from the ashes. On the Waverider, Jax is down because he can tell Dr. Stein thinks they’ve abandoned him. Kendra comes up with the great idea of sending him a message via Jax and cuts a message into his arm, which shows up as scars on Dr. Stein. “We’re Coming,” it reads. Ray wakes up that night and is brought back to his cell. He and Rory have a heart to heart, which is interrupted by more guards that enter their cell and take them away.

The Legends arrive on a truck at the prison and Snart reminds Sara not to forget who Stein is as a person just before they begin their infiltration. Savage comes down to the basement of the prison to make Stein talk, but he’s not planning on torturing the doctor, he’s planning on doing it to his friends. We see Ray and Rory strung up down the hall with electrodes attached to them, and they get a mighty big shock. Stein fakes not having feelings for either, but after Ray gets smart with a guard and takes a beating, he agrees to give up the formula. Snart wheels Sara through on a gurney and spots Ray and Rory being taken back to their cells. Sara prepares to extract Stein but Snart has other plans, getting his buddy out, so they part ways. Back in their cell, Ray tries to connect with Roy about the beating he took for him, but the thief acts like it’s not a big deal. On the ship, Gideon reveals to Hunter that the US now has a 99% probability of losing the Cold War. Sara tries to intercept Stein but he’s pushed into the lab, meaning she has to go to Plan B.

Dr. Vostok presses Dr. Stein for the formula again, so he does a good job of stalling by revealing how Russia implodes as a result of Communism. He’s also about three seconds away from chanting “USA! USA!” Stein tells her she’s on the wrong side of history, but she counters that he’ll change that. On the ship, Kendra and Carter are confident they can help finish this, but Hunter isn’t prepared to risk the team. Kendra quickly comes up with a plan and Hunter reluctantly agrees. Snart finds his way to Rory and Ray’s cell and gives Heat Wave a guard costume. As they prepare to leave, Snart sticks the ATOM suit in Ray’s pocket, allowing him a way out, but Rory won’t leave him.

Stein gives up the formula to Dr. Vostok but she can tell something is missing and then notices the message on his arm and connects the dots, he’s half of Firestorm. He’s about to have another new partner to merge with now too – her. Sara gets in position to fire when Rip tells her things have changed, and Kendra drops Jax into the yard to mess with the fuse box outside the prison. He gets the switch flipped, which flickers all the lights and opens the cells as Snart and Rory run down the hall, in their guard disguises. The pair turn around and Snart tells him where to go, he has something else to finish. As confusion mounts and prisoners turn on guards, Savage has a vision and turns to see Kendra entering the prison.

Dr. Vostok enters the core and prepares for Stein. Sara watches as he’s lead across the yard and holds for the shot, but Snart convinces her not to do it. Stein is forced inside the core and merges with Vostok, but without the Quantum Splicer the pair won’t hold and they could both perish. Meanwhile Kendra places bombs inside the factory and is confronted by Savage. Rip gets the drop on him though, giving Kendra time to finish planting the charges. As Savage tries to torment him with promises of killing his family, Hunter gets his gold watch back before leaving and detonating the bombs. The new Firestorm enters the prison yard where Snart, Sara, and Jax watch. Jax approaches and talks to Stein through her about their relationship and why they both push each other so hard. Stein manages to take control of his new host and forces them to separate. This is good for him, but bad for her as she becomes unstable and begins to meltdown. The team makes it to the jumpship just before she explodes.

On the Waverider, the Legends enjoy a drink together, and Stein feels lucky to have a partner. It weighs heavy on Sara that she almost killed Stein, and that he doesn’t know, but Hunter tells her she did the right thing. Naturally things can’t stay nice that long, so an explosion rocks the ship. This shouldn’t be happening since they’re in the Temporal Zone but Chronos has tracked them in here. Hunter uses distractions and maneuvers to get away, but a lone missile knocks them off course sending them into a crash landing in the time stream. They exit the ship in a dirt and burning cityscape. They quickly figure out they’re in Star City, what with the notable landmarks (including a new one like Smoak Technologies), and Hunter reveals they’re not in the present day 2016 but thirty years later. A hooded archer with a voice modulator approaches them and both Sara and Ray try to talk to him, believing it to be Oliver. They cite how Rip Hunter recruited them to be Legends, but this isn’t Oliver, and he’s never heard of any legends. So he draws an arrow and aims for them.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “Star City 2046,” in the player below. You can also view the first photos of Stephen Amell as Old Man Oliver in the gallery underneath.