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Escape from Earth-2 in Our Recap of The Flash Episode 2.14!

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(Author’s note: Sorry this one is late! I was traveling for work.)

Now aware that his enemy has returned to Earth-2, Zoom makes sure the world knows that he’s after Dr. Wells. Cisco returns to STAR Labs and reveals to Harry what happened last week. He also reveals he stole the Reverb goggles from his own doppelganger, but since Zoom is hunting them, they have to leave. Then they remember they locked Earth-2 Barry Allen in the closet. Barry pitches an adorable fit about being held captive, but on cue, Zoom arrives on the premises. The team hides inside Earth-2 Wells’ timevault, which does not have a Reverse Flash suit in it, and though Zoom manages to find his way in, they trick him with a fake wall, Inside Man style.

In Zoom’s lair, Barry examines his cell and Jesse is quick to shoot down any ideas of trying to escape. The mysterious masked man continues knocking on his own cell, but even Jesse doesn’t know who he is because he was there before she got there. Barry is confident her father will save them, and though Jesse isn’t so sure, Barry reassures her that he hasn’t given up. Zoom returns and makes his usual threatening remarks, kill you in front of your dad, take your speed, we get it bad boy. Back on Earth-1, Central City is still reeling from Geomancer’s attacks. Jay and Caitlin know they have to stop him, but they also have only twenty hours before the breach closes the path to Earth-2 for good. Caitlin keeps working on the Velocity-8 serum, despite it having negative effects on Jay’s cells. At CCPN, Iris meets her new boss, Scott Evans, who trashes her piece on the Geomancer and suggest she write something about how perhaps The Flash isn’t that great. She offers to try and get an interview with the “new Flash,” but the editor wants to trash the scarlet speedster.

On Earth-2, E2 Barry is reunited with Iris where he brings her to his lab and explains everything. He makes a meta-analogy about a TV series on Earth-2 about a character who thought he went to Earth but wound up in another universe, a “pivotal episode” as he called it. The team goes over all that’s happened and decides they might be able to track Zoom by finding Killer Frost, and Cisco thinks they can reach her as a person thanks to her feelings for Ronnie Raymond. Bow tie Barry uses his formula to track her down based on all her attacks and crimes and they corner her in the woods outside town. Back in Zoom’s lair, the masked man continues his tapping but Jesse and Barry are clueless. Barry reveals to her that her father once said the only person smarter than him on their world was her, so they can work this out.

Escape from Earth-2 in Our Recap of The Flash Episode 2.14!

Back on Earth-1, Caitlin and Jay work on the Velocity-9 as Iris enters and reveals her intentions to write an article on Jay. As luck would have it, Geomancer appears on live TV and challenges Jay, sending a fissure down the street and toward a hospital. Jay takes the Velocity-9 without thinking and speeds toward the building, pulling out all of the people inside before it finally crumbles. He makes it back to STAR Labs and gives all the credit of his heroism to Caitlin. It’s time for some code breaking in Zoom’s lair as Barry realizes it’s not Morse code but a 5-point grid code, not unlike how Hector Salamanca spells on “Breaking Bad”! Jesse and Barry figure out the knocks, and they spell out Jay. Barry tells the masked man that Jay is alive, and his reaction is puzzling. Is he sad? Happy? Angry? Who knows! Zoom returns and tells the masked man not to talk to them again. Barry threatens Zoom, prompting him to phase through the cell and beat the snot out of him. Though he took a beating, he showed Barry how to get out.

Cisco, Harry, and Earth-2 Iris and Barry walk through the woods in search of Killer Frost. They find her and Cisco tries to use her emotions to get her to help them. This tactic does not work and she begins throwing ice at them all. Iris tries to corner her but Killer Frost gets the drop, only for Cisco to get her to stand down. Caitlin runs tests on the V9 and realizes that Jay’s cells are slowly regenerating now, but things can’t be happy for too long as Geomancer somehow found out where they were. He begins to shake the entire lab as Iris and Caitlin run, with Jay nowhere to be seen. Geomancer shakes things up good, but Caitlin surprises him with a shock collar that sends him to the ground. Side note, but was that one of the Metal Men in the background of the workshop in STAR Labs?

Back in the woods, the team interrogates Killer Frost and Cisco finally gets down to brass tacks about how he knows the real her, Caitlin, and how she forms her identity by the people she loves. He pleades with her until she finally agrees to take them to Ascension Cliffs. Inside the lair, Barry tries to phase through the glass to no avail. Jesse reminds him, like Cisco’s goggles, that he’ll have to vibrate at a different frequency. Whatever that means. Killer Frost brings the team to the lair, a giant hole in the side of a cliff with some broken construction leading toward it. She puts up an ice wall for them to climb up to it.


On Earth-1, Joe takes Geomancer away in his shock collar to Iron Heights. Jay returns from wherever he was and Caitlin tells him the good news, his cells are being repaired. As the two share a kiss, the speed canon begins to spark and malfunction, damaged in Geomancer’s attack. They’ll have to restabilize it and with only one hour left. Jay isn’t sure they can fix it. The Earth-2 team gets inside the lair where Dr. Wells is reunited with Jesse, but they still can’t get Barry out of his cell. Barry tells them just to go and leave him before Zoom returns, but his Earth-2 counterpart talks sense into him. He’s The Flash, he can do the impossible. Barry tries it again after the rousing speech, and it works! As the team prepares to leave, Barry doesn’t want to leave the masked man behind, and that’s when Zoom appears. Killer Frost double crossed them, and now Zoom is going to kill Jesse in front of Dr. Wells. However, Killer double crosses Zoom this time and holds him at bay so they all can escape. Barry promises masked man he will return.

The team on Earth-1 keeps working on the speed canon with lots of nonsense science talk that amounts to “Jay runs around the portal to keep it open, and Joe stabilizes the machine itself.” It’s dangerous, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to work, but then the manage to get it sorted. Team Earth-2 returns to STAR Labs where Barry tells E2 Barry and Iris to get out of the city, and Iris says give his Joe a hug for her. Dr. Wells prepares to leave once again, and convinces a protesting Jesse that she has to come along, Zoom is coming, and then the Meta alarm goes off. On the other side Cisco and Jesse fly through the portal and when Barry goes back to get Dr. Wells, Zoom is holding him high. Wells tells Barry to go back, but then pulls a needle out and stabs the villain (perhaps his speed draining formula?) and Barry brings them through. In typical horror movie fashion, it all appears to be fine, but Jay makes the mistake of standing in front of the portal after closing it. Zoom reaches through and sticks his arm through his chest, pulling him back into Earth-2.