Cloaked Cults, Stolen Emeralds and More in Our Legends of Tomorrow Episode 3 Recap

A cloaked figure stalks the halls of a temple in ancient Egypt and he has a target: Vandal Savage. That figure? Rip Hunter of course. After this brief prologue, we return to 1975 where our team is still stuck. They land in Germany and Kendra still isn’t doing so well – pieces of the dagger are trapped in her body and are moving toward her heart. Rip unsuccessfully tries to inspire the team but manages to convince Jax to take a look at the Waverider’s sub-ship, which was damaged by Chronos. Hunter returns to his quarters to sulk where Sara joins him and concocts a great plan: hit Vandal Savage where it really hurts, his wallet. Even though it’s from the far future, the Waverider’s tech can’t neutralize the pieces of the dagger in Kendra’s blood. Luckily they have something else that can, the ATOM suit.

Rip has Gideon trace Savage’s wealth to a specific bank and prepares to venture off, but Sara manages to talk her way onto the mission. Snart and Rory hear tale of a bank job and offer their assistance, but Hunter tells them to stay put. As he exits, we see that sticky fingers are still in play as Leonard nipped something from Hunter. Meanwhile in the medbay, Ray shrinks down and goes inside Kendra’s bloodstream. He blasts the first piece of the dagger but it sends smaller shards flying towards him, destabilizing the suit and forcing him to withdraw.

Sara and Rip go to the bank and talk their way into a manager’s office. After he leaves for a few moments, Hunter begins searching his computer for Savage’s wealth, but the only trace he can find is something called the “Vessel.” While he types, Sara explains everyone in the building is some sort of trained killer and he doesn’t believe her until they all emerge with different weapons. As it happens on this show, a big fight breaks out and Sara gets carried away forcing Rip to calm her down from killing the manager of the bank. On the ship, he tries to find out what happened and she explains that being brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit instilled a bloodlust in her (isn’t this why they had the whole Constantine crossover though? To stop this? Why?).

In the belly of the Waverider, Jax works on the ship when Snart and Rory enter and tell him of their plan to take a jewel from a museum in Central City. Jax initially wants nothing to do with this little plan, but Snart convinces him to tag along to see what the ship can really do, plus he stole the necessary access key to get it going. Ray tools with his suit and his self doubt doubles when Dr. Stein tries to talk to him about his past. Meanwhile Hunter interrogates the manager from the bank, who recognizes him as “Gareeb,” the villain that tried to kill Savage in Ancient Egypt. Sara confronts him about this and he reveals he tried to kill Savage before the team, and before he was technically immortal, and he still beats himself up over it. The theme of tonight’s episode is overcoming self doubt, in case you couldn’t tell.

Jax, Snart, and Rory land in Central City and head to the museum where he successfully steals the Maximillian emerald. Snart gets back on the ship and reveals they have one more stop to make, his childhood home. See he used this trip as a way to make sure his dad wouldn’t go to jail for stealing the emerald. It’s a good plan! Back on the ship, Hunter goes to interrogate again where the man reveals what The Vessel is – the remains of Carter Hall. He even tells them where to find it, so naturally Hunter decides to go for it, but he doesn’t involve the whole team even after Sara’s suggestion. Ray stands over Kendra and Dr. Stein comes in with a grand tale of a student that once made him feel inferior, that student being Ray. That student can’t be the same man that has self doubts now, which leads to Ray telling Martin what happened to his fiancee during Arrow season 2. He eventually agrees to save Kendra.

Snart breaks into his old house and walks around before bumping into… his younger self. “Leo” asks if he’s a friend of his dad’s so Leonard takes that time to impart some wisdom on his younger self. “Don’t ever let anyone hurt you,” he says. After the rousing speech, a gun clicks and Leonard’s father holds a gun to his head. The young Snart leaves and Leonard gives the emerald to his dad and tells him he’s doing him a favor. He presents an existential warning, don’t mess with your family and he won’t mess with you. Snart makes a little slip too and refers to the future birth of his sister, sending his father for a loop. Rip and Sara ride to the building where Carter’s body is being kept. They mill about, have a dance, and talk about how they both need to persevere in life and keep fighting to move forward. Eventually they spot some heavy duty guards and determine that must be where Carter’s body is. The two approach the guards, subdue them, and find Carter’s body, only for Savage’s cohorts to catch them.

On the ship Ray flies through Kendra’s bloodstream, firing at and disintegrating the shards of the dagger. He gets the job done and returns to normal size, only to confront Dr. Stein about his little story, because the details didn’t add up. Why lie to him about remembering him? We already know that Stein isn’t above drugging someone to move them against their freewill, so this one isn’t as big of a deal, but chalk it up to mutual respect. Savage’s cohorts bring Hunter and Sara into a room where we find dozens of robed followers chanting and worshipping Savage. Vandal appears almost gleeful to see Rip Hunter, it’s only been 4,000 years, and he reveals why they have Carter’s body: he feeds his blood to his followers to extend their own lives. Back on the ship, Kendra has some sort of mumbling psychic fit and reveals the full details of what’s going on to Stein and Ray, which they pass on to Jax, Snart, and Rory.

Savage tries to figure out why Rip Hunter wants to kill him. He delivers ironic routine bad guy speech #4 about how Hunter must not know what it’s like to have followers, prompting Captain Cold and Heat Wave to bust in. Another brawl breaks out and Hunter finally gets his chance to end it all. Rip stabs Savage over the alter as the team carries Carter’s body away. Savage however says he’ll come back, and he can’t wait to kill Hunter’s family now. Rip fears that Sara has succumbed to her bloodlust during the fight, but we see she’s still under control.

On the Waverider, Hunter tasks Gideon with checking the timeline and she reminds him that Savage is immortal and will show up again. Kendra is feeling better as well and everyone’s spirits are high, except Snart who sees his father was still arrested anyway and that he didn’t actually change the future. The team finds a field and buries Carter and Aldus Boardman. They reassemble on the ship and having learned their lesson this week all agree to work as a team moving forward, literally, as Gideon shoots them ahead 11 years to 1986.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “White Knights,” in the player below.