Supergirl Recap: Episode 112, Bizarro

Three months ago, Maxwell Lord went into room 52 and injected black stuff into the comatose Jane Doe he has in his secret lab. She seizes, her vitals go crazy, and she opens her eyes – they are black. But, as Max murmurs, she is alive. Yesterday, Max removed the gauze from Jane Doe’s face – she is the spitting image of Kara. He begins training her in a very Clockwork Orange-style manner: watching footage of Supergirl while getting electric shocks and being told Supergirl is bad.

Kara is very concerned about this new menace. She probably isn’t a shapeshifter. Kara thinks she is a clone, but Alex points out that if she were a clone, she would still be an embryo. But she is even more concerned over the situation at work: Cat is being nice to her. Not only did Cat buy her own latte, she bought one for Kara, too. In the morning meeting, Kara is the only one Cat listens to when it comes to headlines for the imposter (whom Cat dubs Bizarro). After the meeting, Kara can’t help but ask Cat if she is being nice because she is dating her son. Of course she is. Kara is super uncomfortable with a nice Cat Graham. She checks in with Winn and James, and Winn starts checking local hospitals for missing girls who fit Kara’s weight and height. Adam texts her and the boys tease her playfully.

Tonight is Kara and Adam’s date. They are all goo-goo over one another until a breaking news report in the bar alerts Kara to a broken skyway tram in danger of plummeting to the ground. She excuses herself and flies to the skyway. While on top of the tram, she comes face to face with Bizarro. It is obviously a trap, and the girls fight. When the tram breaks free and starts to fall, Supergirl stops fighting and starts saving.

Back at the DEO, Kara tries to describe the encounter. “She is exactly like me, but she talks like Cookie Monster.” Kara is certain she isn’t an android; she saw a soul behind those eyes. Alex suggests that if she is genetically similar to Kara, they can use kryptonite to subdue her. Back at Max’s HQ, Bizarro is confused, because Supergirl isn’t bad – she helps people. “Who do you love, Supergirl or me?” Max asks. “Sometimes things that seem good are very, very bad.”

Winn located a Jane Doe that came into a hospital two years ago, comatose. She was transferred to Prometheus Genetics, a company that is owned by Maxwell Lord. Over the years, six additional Jane Does have been claimed by Prometheus. Kara worries that it has taken this many tries to get it right.

Kara is more concerned with taking down Max than Bizarro. After all, as far as Kara is concerned, Bizarro is a victim. Alex pays Max a visit who, off the record, hypothesizes that, if he had actually taken these young women, it would be for a chance to live again. All were brain damaged with zero chance of recovery. Bizarro does, in fact, have some of Supergirl’s DNA, taken off the Red Tornado. Then Max hints that he knows that Alex and Supergirl are more than just “work buddies,” and makes a vague threat against her.

Adam and Kara are on their makeup date. She shares that her parents died, they talk about feeling normal, and Adam kisses her. Aw. But then something (Bizarro) flies down, plucks up Kara, and flies away. Kara tries talking some sense into Bizarro, but she turns on her eye lasers, so Kara fights back. The two are evenly matched. They fight hand-to-hand for a bit, then Bizarro strikes with fire breath. Kara counters with ice breath. Then they go back to fisticuffs. Luckily Alex and a few soldiers show and shoot Bizarro full of Kryptonite. We all know where this is going: the kryptonite makes her stronger, but also disfigures her. She screams “hate you” and flies away. Back with Max, he tells Bizarro that Supergirl made her a monster, and if he were her, he would want to take away anyone that she loves. He leaves her to stew.

At the DEO, Kara is scared. Bizarro kidnapped her while she was Kara, not Supergirl. Max clearly knows who she is. Hank will have the lab get to work on Bizarro-Kryptonite while Kara again presses Alex on arresting Max. She can’t deal with aliens and clones and androids AND Max. She also can’t deal with dating right now. Though it tears her up to do it, she breaks up with Adam, fearing he will be in danger if they continue to date. Kara goes out onto the terrace for some fresh air, and James checks on her. Earlier, he and Winn shared a drink over their unrequited love of Kara. Though James didn’t specifically say he was in love with her, Winn knows the look, and points out that, while Winn is forever stuck in the friend zone, all James has to do is tell Kara how he feels. Out on the terrace, Kara just wants to be left alone. She goes inside, leaving James alone – and easy pickings for Bizarro to kidnap him.

Alex pays Max a visit, along with a couple other agents, and they place Max under arrest, claiming that since she is part of a governmental agency that technically doesn’t exist, she doesn’t have to read him his rights. He threatens to tell the whole world that Kara Danvers is Supergirl. “Where you’re going, no one will hear you,” Alex promises. Back at the DEO, Hank is pissed. Everyone will be looking for the millionaire genius, and she has compromised the security of this organization. Alex didn’t have a choice: Max was compromising the security of her family! (Take it down a notch, Alex.)

James wakes to find himself bound in a warehouse, his Supergirl emergency watch tossed to the ground. Bizarro stands a distance from him, and demands he not move. She remarks that Supergirl loves James, and Bizarro and Supergirl are the same. James wants her to come closer, but Bizarro won’t because she is “ugly.” James tries to identify with her, and gives a surprisingly non-cheesy speech about how we all feel ugly and unloved sometimes. He admits that he loves Supergirl/Kara because of who she is: brave and kind and always trying to do the right thing. Bizarro lets her guard down a bit, giving James the chance to kick on the watch with the heel of his foot, just as Bizarro unleashes dragon breath on him. Supergirl gets the call and rushes to save him.

Supergirl arrives and immediately starts fighting her doppelgänger. Even though the Kryptonite was supposed to make Bizarro stronger, they seem to still be evenly matched. Alex comes in and takes aim, but worries that she can’t get a clear shot at Bizarro. Supergirl doesn’t care, so Alex fires the lab-engineered blue Kryptonite bullets. She hits Bizarro, who starts glowing blue and drops to the ground.

Back at the DEO, Bizarro is set up in the medical lab. Supergirl promises that they will help her and holds her hand until she falls asleep. “Thank you Kara,” Bizarro says as the drugs knock her out. Next Supergirl confronts Max in his cell, promising he will never hurt anyone again. “Anyone… like Eliza Danvers?” he taunts, mentioning he knows of the cute house she grew up in. Supergirl’s eyes start their laser glow, and Alex rushes in, promising her sister that he isn’t worth it.

Supergirl flies home and goes to her fridge for a drink. Something feels amiss and she slowly looks around her darkened apartment. She sees a strange alien plant-like pod (like an egg that hatched), covered with ectoplasm, right in the middle of her coffee table. Suddenly some big tentacled thing drops down on her.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” in the player below.