DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode 2 Recap and a Preview for Next Week

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode 2 recap and preview for next week

Picking up where we left off last week, the team is still in 1975 and thanks to Aldus Boardman’s journal, they know what they’re looking for: some terrorists and fringe groups looking to buy arms. When Kendra and Carter ask why can’t they go back and save Aldus, Hunter explains they can’t change things they’ve already been involved in. He then explains the very convenient room in the Waverider that can give them any outfit for any era and with that the team preapres to head out, after a brief spat over who the “leader” is.

They make it to the exchange and talk their way inside. Kendra, Carter and Jax watch from a nearby rooftop as it becomes clear Savage isn’t a buyer here, he’s the seller. As he prepares to auction off the warhead, his Hawk-senses begin tingling. The bidding begins where those interested fire off a round in the air, with a younger Damien Darhk among those participating. When suspicions arise regarding the Legends, Heat Wave fires off a round and secures the winning bid, but when confronted by Darhk and Savage, they all do what they do best: start a fight. We see that Ray was present the whole time as well, hiding all tiny-sized in Martin’s pocket, and he makes a crucial mistake by letting a piece of his tech fall off. The Hawks fly in to fight Savage, but he sets the warhead to explode and gives them the ultimatum of catching him or stopping the bomb. Despite there being multiple team members with different skillsets wherein both options could have been carried out, they stay behind. When it becomes clear that the bomb is going to go off, Firestorm carries it off to absorb the explosion once it detonates.

On the Waverider, everyone blames each other for what went wrong, but they have bigger problems: they’ve revealed themselves to Savage, oh and one of his goons found the tech Palmer left behind and they’re working on weaponizing it. They have time to fix it though, time is like fresh cement apparently. Carter goes through Aldus’ stuff and finds a newspaper clipping of the sale of the knife used to kill them in Egypt. Ray realizes they can track his tech by its Alpha Particles and Stein says the best way to do that is find the younger version of himself – he’s already working on technology for that exact occasion. When the Hawks reveal what they’ve found to the team, Snart volunteers to go steal it back with Heat Wave and Palmer allies himself with the pair.

The team heads to Ivy Town (the hometown of Ray Palmer in the comics!) where they quickly find the young Martin Stein, who is pretty sure he’s met the older version of himself before. Stein introduces himself as Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and that they want to talk about Alpha Particles, which the young Stein is eager to take part in. On the ship, Kendra tries to read the words on the dagger but doesn’t know how. Carter tries to guide her through their past lives to make it work but it doesn’t. He doubles down on his destiny talk too and goes for a kiss, but Kendra still isn’t having that. Meanwhile, Savage deduces that the team is from the future, especially given the tech they recovered. He gives his scientists 24 hours to reverse engineer it. Elsewhere, Snart, Rory and Ray find the home with the dagger. Ray tries to help with the break in but instead alerts the guards. Luckily Captain Cold and Heat Wave are good at punching.

The young Stein gets really high and tells the team about his prototype tracker for alpha particles and leaves the room to get some snacks, giving Martin the chance to search for the device. Our would-be crooks make it inside and find the dagger, among other artifacts, and start breaking the cases. Rory goes to look for the safe while Snart starts taking extra items. Ray puts his foot down in regard to the mission but Snart isn’t listening. They exhange punches and trigger an additional alarm forcing a cage down on top of them. Stein finds the tracker just as his younger self returns, and he starts asking questions. Stein concocts a reason but Sara just knocks him out. Before they leave though, Stein sets an alarm for him to wake up, because that night just happens to be the night he meets his future wife.

Rory returns to the main room of the house and finds Snart and Ray behind the cage, he takes off to find a way around it. Snart finds some extra wiring in one case and starts messing with it. He and Ray have a deep conversation about their lives and their paths boiling down to they’re not so different after all. On the ship, Kendra apologizes to Carter who counters that maybe destiny was the wrong word. Just because they fell for each other before, doesn’t mean it would happen again. They try again to figure out the words on the dagger and we flashback to Egypt. The dagger was a gift from Khufu to Chay-ara and it recounts their entire curse.

The Alpha Particle tracker brings the team to Savage’s lab and Sara quickly hops down, beats up some goons, and retrieves the tech. Back in the mansion, the alarm stops but the owner has come home, and it’s none other than Vandal Savage. Stein, Sara and Jax return to the Waverider where a curious thing begins happening: Stein’s wedding ring begins to disappear. His younger self must not have woken up and gone to the party where he meets his wife, and he didn’t, because he’s right behind them. Savage has the whole thing figured out, how they’re from the future and are trying to stop him. He knocks Rory to the ground and takes out his comm link, tossing it to Snart and telling him to bring the group to their location.

The younger and older Stein argue leading to a mini-crisis where Martin realizes he hasn’t change since he was a kid. Jax talks him down and points to all his good characteristics, in case we forgot them too. This gives him what he needs to not really explain to himself what’s going on, but he hands over the tracker and his younger self leaves. Snart gets in touch and reveals the situation. In the mansion, Savage prepares to shoot Rory but quickly gets a nuclear blast from Firestorm, who sets the group free. Naturally more guards approach as Snart hands over the dagger to Carter. The Legends start a brawl on the lawn while the Hawks confront Savage, again. Carter engages and manages to stab Savage with the knife, but the immortal tyrant pulls it out and stabs Carter. Savage reveals that the dagger won’t kill him unless Kendra wields it – it was hers after all. As he dies, Carter’s essence is absorbed by Savage for the 207th time.

Kendra attempts to attack but Savage gets the drop on her. Just before he can kill her though, Ray manages to blast him out of the way. They return to the Waverider where Gideon patches up Kendra, who laments not telling Carter how she felt. Stein second guesses himself for coming on this adventure by not thinking of the repercussions. Hunter pulls him aside to show him something. He got in touch with his younger self and told him to go to the mixer so his marriage has been saved. He also passes on some wisdom, even in the future people wonder why we’re here and he thinks we’re here to learn which we’ll keep doing. Down, but far from out, the team asks Hunter what happens next, do they just go back to being losers? Ray chimes in that they could try and be Legends again, and everyone else agrees.

You can watch a preview for the third episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow by using the player below.