Video Interview with Ant-Man Director Peyton Reed

We sit down with Ant-Man Director Peyton Reed and Production Designer Shepherd Frankel

Ant-Man, the latest film from Marvel Studios and the capper to “Phase Two” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comes home today on DVD and Blu-ray. To celebrate the release, sat down with Ant-Man director Peyton Reed and production designer Shepherd Frankel. In the player below, you can check out a behind-the-scenes discussion with both creative talents. Not only does Reed look back on his first Marvel film, he explains the process of how Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man was handed off to Joe and Anthony Russo for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and gives us an update on the Ant-Man sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp!

You can order your own copy of Ant-Man right here and scroll down for a list of the Blu-ray special features. Ant-Man is also available as part of the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Collection.

The Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA), 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, and Blu-ray bonus material include:

Making Of An Ant-Sized Heist: A How-To Guide

Set your watch and count down the action in this fast-paced behind-the-scenes look at how to pull off a heist movie, including Scott Lang’s hilarious heist “family,” Ant-Man’s costume, plus amazing stunts and effects.

Let’s Go To The Macroverse

Shrink down to size in this fascinating look at creating the world from Ant-Man’s perspective, from macro photography through the subatomic.

WHIH NewsFront

A hard-hitting collection of content, including a glimpse at the future of Pym Technologies with Darren Cross, anchor Christine Everhart’s interview with soon-to-be-released prisoner Scott Lang on his notorious VistaCorp heist, and more.

– Gag Reel

– Deleted & Extended Scenes

– Audio Commentary By Ant-Man director Peyton Reed And Paul Rudd

*Digital bonus offerings may vary by retailer

1-Disc DVD bonus material include:

– Deleted Scene