Ant-Man Syndrome: 10 Directors Who ALMOST Made Superhero Movies

10 Directors Who ALMOST Made Superhero Movies

Many fans were shocked when filmmaker Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) departed Marvel’s Ant-Man weeks before principal photography after developing the project for eight years, fearing that the final product would be marred without Wright’s input. Luckily, replacement director Peyton Reed (Bring It On) brought his love of comics and dexterity with comedy to the film, all the while adding many elements that fans enjoyed.

Now that Ant-Man is hitting Blu-ray/DVD this week, interested viewers can watch the movie with Reed and star/co-writer Paul Rudd’s insightful commentary that sheds light on what remained from Wright’s vision (the costume, the heist structure, the rave scene, the tank keychain, the finale in a little girl’s bedroom) and what was added after (Michael Peña tip montages, Baskin Robbins, the Janet van Dyne/Wasp subplot, The Falcon, the quantum realm).

Wright is, of course, not the first filmmaker to decline/lose the opportunity to make big-budget superhero movies  — James Cameron’s Spider-Man is one that’s been talked about ad nauseam — so we’re looking at ten filmmakers that came close-but-no-cigar on that front.

Check it out in the gallery below, and hit full screen to read each entry on a desktop.

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