Supergirl Episode 6 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Supergirl Episode 6 recap and a preview for next week

Kara soars above National City, just clearing her head, when her super-hearing alerts her to two very angry men having a serious case of road rage. She stops both of their cars before they crush a soccer team, totaling them in the process, and drawing the ire of the drivers. Supergirl even stands up to the driver for being a jerk, but she ends up hurting him and making headlines for her own anger. Henshaw reminds her that the potential for a temper tantrum is why people fear her cousin. At Noonan’s, Lucy tells Jimmy that her father, the legendary General Sam Lane, is in town and wants to have dinner with them, as she exits, she spots Kara and thanks her for the invitation; Kara says you’re welcome despite not knowing what Lucy means. Jimmy and Kara talk about General Lane and how he doesn’t like Jimmy because of his association with Superman, and he also reveals he invited Lucy to their weekly game night, which is apparently something they’ve been doing this whole time.

Cat’s mother criticizes her daughter’s office, her entire publishing wing, and Supergirl, prompting Cat to just sip some tea in protest. As Kara arrives, she finds Alex waiting on her, who wants to talk about her father’s death leading the two of them to ask Winn for help. Initially he wants no part in it but when they reveal the circumstances he agrees. Henshaw calls both Alex and Kara and they arrive at the DEO base to find not only General Sam Lane and Lucy Lane waiting on them, but also an order from the President demanding Supergirl fight a robot they’ve created as a test. Dr. Morrow, the android’s creator, opens the crate it is housed in and introduces Kara to the Red Tornado (traditionally a hero in the pages of DC comics).

Later that day, Kara tells Winn and Jimmy about her impending robot fight and despite their protests insists she should go along with it, to prove she can be trusted. Cat and her mother exchange sassy quips and generally make each other miserable, leading Cat to take out her anger on Kara. That night at Game Night, again something they claim to have been doing this whole time, Lucy and Jimmy are killing it while Winn almost spills the beans on Kara’s true identity. Lucy even goes on to mention that she met Supergirl and wasn’t impressed, right in front of her too. The next day Kara shows up for the fight and at first it seems Red Tornado has the advantage after he swoops her up into the air via his hand-created tornados. Kara crawls through the ground and takes him by surprise before freezing his arm off and beating the snot out of him. The DEO call her off, but the android goes into preservation mode and flies away, prompting General Lane to announce that it could kill everyone in National City. He later tells Kara to find it and destroy it, which makes Morrow put up a stink but he’s told to can it.

Cat calls for Kara at her office and after some loud yelling tears into her for being late. Kara does what we’ve been waiting for her to do for six episodes and snaps back. Realizing what she’s done, however, Kara is mortified, but Cat tells her to grab her things because they’re going. Alex goes to see Maxwell Lord to ask for his help in finding Red Tornado, but he claims to be busy and refuses. In a fancy restaurant, Jimmy and General Lane butt heads about his relationship with not only Superman and Supergirl, but also Lucy, citing that he’s not good enough for her. We then see where Kara and Cat ran off to Noonan’s, for Happy Hour. Cat relays stories of Perry White being angry at work and how no one would bat an eye, but if she acted that way it would be everywhere. She gives Kara some advice, find out what is really bothering you. As the Lanes and Jimmy exit the restaurant, Red Tornado arrives and targets General Lane. Jimmy signals Kara luckily and she arrives in time to save the General. The android, however, uses his abilities to create a massive tornado and lets it loose on the city. Kara manages to stop it, but not before Red Tornado escapes.

At the DEO, Lucy is grateful that Supergirl saver her and her father, but General Lane thinks she let Red Tornado get away. They realize that the android appeared to have learned something since their last fight and knew Kara would choose to save the city over pursuing it. Henshaw confronts General Lane about the android’s construction, which has a lead-lined body, meaning Kara couldn’t use her X-Ray vision on it. He knows he made the robot to kill Kryptonians, and General Lane doesn’t deny it. Maxwell Lord then calls Alex to talk about the android and reveals that they shouldn’t be looking for the robot, but instead they should find its creator, because Dr. Morrow is still controlling him. Later that day, Kara and Jimmy meet up to work out their anger issues. Jimmy wails on a regular punching bag while Kara beats on a car strung up by its bumper. They talk about what makes them mad before throwing some hay makers and Kara realizes the thing she’s most angry about is that she’ll never feel normal. During her epiphany Alex calls with a plan.

If Kara can keep Red Tornado distracted, she can find Dr. Morrow and shut down the android, to do that though they’ll need General Lane. The plan works too, as Red Tornado thinks it’s attacking General Lane, only to find the man in front of him a hologram (via Kryptonian technology). Alex follows the signal to Dr. Morrow who reveals he’s controlling the Red Tornado telepathically and that to stop the android, she’ll have to kill him. Kara begins to fight the robot again while Alex fights its creator. The tussle carries on and just when it seems both Danvers girls are at a disadvantage, Alex gains control of her gun and shoots Dr. Morrow. This doesn’t sever the connection with Red Tornado, however, and forces Kara to use her heat vision on it, exploding the $1 billion science project.

General Lane goes to pick up Lucy later, who informs him that she’s resigning from her position and will be staying in National City with Jimmy. He tells her that he hopes its not too late once she realizes she’s made a mistake. Bringing things full circle, Alex goes to see Kara and Winn, who has found a file on her father, the deceased Jeremiah Danvers. Apparently Jeremiah and another agent went to South America to find an alien and they were pressumed dead, but the other agent eventually returned with no knowledge of what happened. That agent, as you can imagine, was Hank Henshaw. At Catco, Cat’s mother yells at Kara, prompting a defense from Cat as the matriarch leaves. Kara thanks her for defending her and accidentally smashes a glass on the carpet. Not even thinking about it Kara goes to pick up the glass shards and finds a startling discovery, the girl of steel is bleeding.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled Human for a Day and airing on Monday, December 7, using the player below.