Thor Characters We Want to See in Ragnarok

It’s official: Thor: Ragnarok will feature not one but two Marvel superheroes, Thor and The Hulk, sharing the screen together in their first buddy film since 1988’s The Incredible Hulk Returns. (Yes, that’s real. You’ve seen it, right?)

But as excited as we are to see Thor and Hulk banter, get drunk, possibly cause epic amounts of property damage and probably beat up Loki once and for all, they can’t possibly be the only characters in Thor: Ragnarok. We expect to see the return of Jane Foster, Sif and The Warriors Three as well, but with a title as enormous as “Ragnarok” – which means the end of the world, for crying out loud – this is going to have to be a seriously big motion picture, and that means that Marvel is probably going to introduce new characters for which the hardcore fans will no doubt go nuts.

Here then are the Ten Heroes and Villains We Want in Thor: Ragnarok, with beloved characters, deep cuts and no brainers who could either turn up in fun cameos or possibly even reshape the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which Thor characters would you like to see? Let us know in the comments. Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled for a November 3, 2017 release.

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