The Flash Episode 22 Recap, Rogue Air

Dr. Wells talks to Eddie in his secret lair about how he will do anything to get back what was taken from him, all while we watch the rest of the cast stare longingly at photographs. At Jitters, Barry meets Iris and once again promises to find Eddie, and that he won’t let what Wells did to his mother happen to anyone else. About that time he gets a call from Cisco who has figured out that Wells was using some sort of device as a battery to make himself faster, which was conveniently hidden in his wheelchair. Alarms inside the particle accelerator begin to go off which leads them all to realize Wells was under their noses the entire time, and he rebuilt the machine.

Barry, Joe, and Cisco head down to the entrance where it opens and the Reverse Flash runs past them, but Barry is in hot pursuit. One of the containment cells opens and Peekaboo teleports down and subdues both Joe and Cisco. As Barry chases the Reverse Flash, he’s still too fast and eventually gets away. Peekaboo makes her way up STAR Labs and is about to kill Caitlin when Iris arrives and pops her in the noggin. After putting her back in her cell, they all hear a familiar scream and find Eddie strapped to a chair in the accelerator. Joe helps him up the ladder while Iris explores the lair and finds, what else, but the engagement ring Eddie almost gave her.

Caitlin checks out Eddie and rules that he’s healthy, but he reveals to everyone that Wells said they were family and that he has a metallic tube from the future. Cisco goes to investigate and sure enough finds the tube, saying it will full charge up the accelerator in 36 hours. Should it be turned on though, they’re meta-human prisoners will be toast. As they ponder what to do, Barry suggests Lian Yu, the home of Captain Boomerang and Slade Wilson. The next morning, Joe meets with the District Attorney to ask for some help in transporting the meta-humans from their prison, but she’s not having it. Barry arrives and reveals that ARGUS is sending a plane to transport the meta-humans to Lian Yu as long as they can get them to Ferris Air, but since the police won’t help them they need a new route.

On the other side of town, Leonard Snart sits drinking where he is joined by Barry. Barry asks for his help in moving the meta-humans but does a bad job of convincing him about why he should help. Cold writes down his demand which Barry refuses, but is able to convince him to think about it at least. Eddie leaves the CCPD where he meets Iris, who confronts him about acting weird. He uses this opportunity to tell her that Dr. Wells didn’t do anything to him, but he showed him something, the future. At STAR Labs, Joe thinks Barry is crazy for going to Snart, who apparently heard his name and enters with his demands: his entire record wiped clean, like Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Barry agrees and rushes to CCPD to trash it all. He arrives in an alley with a box of the physical evidence which is destroyed by Cold’s sister, Lisa.

Barry assembles his team at STAR, where Lisa tries to flirt with Cisco once again but it’s not happening, maybe. Cisco reveals that he’s tricked out his uncle’s frozen food shipping truck to the power supply from Dr. Well’s power source and turned it into an energy damper (ie: no super powers inside). They gas the inmates, Weather Wizard, Peekaboo, Mist, Deathbolt, and Rainbow Raider, and stick ’em all inside. All of them come to and have a really great long-distance urination competition (not literally). The convoy makes it to Ferris Air (where we’re gifted with a thinly veiled reference to Green Lantern!) and just as the ARGUS plane arrives, the energy damper malfunctions and the villains gain their powers back.

Weather Wizard crashes the plane via lightning, Mist tries to ensnare Barry (but gets wrapped up in his arm tornadoes), Rainbow Raider puts his joojoo on Caitlin, and Deathbolt tries to blow up Joe. Barry goes down for the count after getting hit by lightning once again, but then Captain Cold kills Deathbolt in perhaps the most gruesome scene of the series. Cold taunts Barry for trusting him, because he tampered with the device and set them free – those villains are more valuable to him on the Rogues (!!!) than on Lian Yu. Having finally won, Cold and the newly-minted “Golden Glider” head off together.

Barry sulks at the Particle Accelerator where he gets a fun pep talk from Joe about the kind of hero he is, which is the kind that won’t bend the line between right and wrong. Just then the accelerator becomes fully charged. Meanwhile, Eddie is headed to work and is confronted again by Iris, he tells her he’s not mad about the future, he just wants to focus on the here and now. Since their relationship began it was always three people, them and Barry, and now he knows that Barry and her will end up together, and he even tells her this.

Back at STAR, Dr. Wells approaches and is confronted by Barry at the entrance, but he’s got some buddies, Firestorm and Oliver Queen. Dr. Wells shoots out his Reverse Flash suit from his Flash Ring (!!!) and their giant brawl begins. Barry gets thrown against a wall, and Wells sends Firestorm flying with just a wag of his finger. Even though Ray Palmer isn’t present, Oliver shoots wells with a Nanite-infused arrow which slows him down enough for them to have a nice throwdown. Wells shakes of the nanites and tells Oliver a little something about his future: He lives to be 86 years old, but even the history books can be wrong. Having caught Firestorm, Barry runs over and pushes him off. The two begin one of their many chases on the roof of STAR Labs, but it was a trap, as Firestorm knocks Wells off the building and onto a nearby car. Oliver gets the last blow in as he shoots him with a tranquilizer. Barry stands over him triumphant, he finally got the man in yellow.

You can check out the promo for the season finale of “The Flash” in the player below. Titled “Fast Enough,” the episode is officially described as follows: 

“Wells (Tom Cavanagh) presents Barry (Grant Gustin) with a life-changing choice. Dr. Martin Stein (guest star Victor Garber) and Ronnie Raymond (guest star Robbie Amell) return to help the S.T.A.R. Labs team with this final fight.”

Directed by Dermott Downs with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Gabrielle Stanton & Andrew Kreisberg, “Fast Enough” is set to air May 19 on The CW.