Unboxing the April Edition of the Marvel Collector Corps Box

collector corps header

Perhaps I’m a curmudgeon, but I just don’t get the “give people money, they send you a box of stuff” marketplace. I’m clearly in the minority though as it is an enterprise that has exploded across the internet with countless different options being offered based around hundreds of themes online and they’re servicing a ton of happy customers. That said, I managed to get the inaugural Marvel Collector Corps box and though I won’t say it made me a believer in this type of shtick, it was a welcome surprise to get cool box with interesting items inside. You can see a full recap of the unboxing of the first Marvel Collector Corps box along with some brief thoughts on each item in the gallery below.

Set to debut every other month, the Marvel Collector Corps series promises $50 worth of stuff at just $25 for eager fans and will feature exclusive products, including apparel, accessories and collectibles. This month’s theme was Avengers: Age of Ultron and June is set to focus on Ant-Man, in anticipation of the film set for release on July 17.

Fans can also subscribe to the “Founder’s” program and receive six boxes throughout the next year along with an exclusive founder’s statue every year on the anniversary of them joining the program. You can learn more about the Collector Corps and subscribe to get your own box by clicking here.