Arrow Episode 3.19 Recap, Broken Arrow

A pair of security guards at a bank watch a report of Roy’s confession to being the Arrow when the lights start to flicker. One of them goes to check and is met by none other than Doug Jones in his best Neo costume. Unlike Neo though, he shoots lasers from his eyes and hurls the guard across the hall and then kills the other. Across town, Captain Lance leads Roy through a crowd of people and past Oliver inside the station. Though Lance wants to hold Oliver as well, Laurel reveals he can’t because they’re not charging Oliver for crimes they’re simultaneously charging Roy with, forcing Lance to cut him loose.

Felicity works on some things at Palmer Tech where Ray enters and tries to brush off his “I love you” comments from two weeks ago but manages to make it even more awkward. Oliver returns to the station later to speak with Roy, but Harper says he wants to use this opportunity to repay Oliver for saving his own life, in fact, he seems to think he deserves the punishment.

We flashback to Hong Kong where Maseo, Tatsu, Oliver, and Akio have holed up with a kind old lady after running from the Argus agents. The trio make plans to infiltrate the Argus office. In the present, Merlyn goes to meet Oliver outside Verdan and tries to tell him that his days as the Arrow are done, but Oliver doesn’t want to hear it and begins plotting to break Roy out. Ollie goes back inside and speaks to Thea, who is naturally concerned. Felicity and Diggle enter and reveal the meta-human bank robbery to Oliver just as he was planning to talk about his plan to spring Roy. Then with timing that can only be described as Coen brothers-like, Captain Lance enters with a search warrant for the basement. He enters the Arrow Cave with support. They tear it apart and find only Roy’s fingerprints amid all of the equipment. Oliver and the gang leave and Felicity confesses to wiping the place clean of all evidence, but they have to focus on the task at hand and they’re gonna need help, Ray’s help.

Ray works on a neural link between his brain and his ATOM suit as Felicity and Oliver enter and ask for his help with the metahuman. It’s a team up! Two nights in a row for Ray! Back in Hong Kong, Oliver enters the ARGUS base and is promptly confronted by a soldier, who is then just as quickly shot by a beaten Amanda Waller. She tells him that General Shrieve has held her prisoner and plans to release the Omega in Hong Kong with a cure situated already for himself and his Army buds. In prison, Roy gets a visitor and it’s none other than Thea. He didn’t want to see her because he wanted to keep his “Don’t lie to Thea” promise. Roy tells her he’ll be fine, but we don’t know if this is a lie or him doing the thing he said he wouldn’t do (not lie).

At Palmer Tech, Ray reveals he went by the recently-robbed bank and collected evidence, among them an unobstructed show of the metahuman, who is revealed to be one Jake Simmons. They track him to an abandoned warehouse in town and Oliver prepares to leap into action, but Ray reminds him why they’re teaming up to begin with: He can’t be seen out doing Arrow stuff. As Ray approaches the building, he doesn’t see anything until the lights start to flicker again. Simmons appears and the two duke it out, with Ray getting the tar kicked out of him. Just when Simmons is about to choke him out, Ray takes off into the air and manages an arrow escape. He’s hurt but alive, and Oliver tells him that he can’t rely on his suit to do the work for him.

Once more to Hong Kong where Tatsu, Maseo, and Oliver plot their course of action for what to do and decide to steal the Omega vaccine. Roy returns to his cell in prison where a few other inmates take out the guards and lunge at him. Though he has his hands cuffed he manages to open a large can of whoop ass. Captain Lance continues his crusade to implicate Oliver by looking for evidence at Thea’s loft. One of his friends enters and tells him not to throw away all his hard work for a personal vendetta. Though Thea insists Lance won’t find anything he doesn’t let up, that is until he gets a call about Roy getting attacked. At Palmer Tech, they plan to track Simmons by his ability to absorb energy. Thea then enters and tells Oliver about Roy’s attack, prompting him to prepare to charge right into a prison break. He and Diggle butt heads over this nonsense but it doesn’t appear to work. Felicity follows him and provides Oliver with the theme of the episode – sometimes you need people to help you. Oliver also has some thinly-veiled dialogue about the rest of the series saying “I don’t know who I am,” well you’re about to be the Demon’s Head son.

Tatsu, Maseo, and Oliver enter the Army base back in Hong Kong. After interrogating a guard they find the virus and Oliver nabs a phone. In the present, Lance goes to Roy’s cell and tries to talk him out of “saving” Oliver, because in his eyes he doens’t owe him anything. Roy then reveals he killed the cop to Lance and that he deserves to be there, which Lance doesn’t disagree with. At a local power station, Felicity wonders about only to run into a nightwatchman, who is actually Simmons in a very poor disguise. Oliver and Ray realize the two of them are at the same location and have a brief creepy phone call with Simmons. The pair set up a neural link allowing Oliver to control Ray’s body in the ATOM suit. Ray gets to the power station and lets Ollie take the wheel, and though he manages to get a few licks in on Simmons, the link is severed and forces Ray to take up the fight. As you can imagine, he beats him silly after finding the confidence in himself to do it.

On the other side of town, Roy walks down a hall and eyes some inmates who appear to be carrying shivs. Just as the attack seems imminent, a guard approaches and tells Roy to keep his eyes forward, but in fact he’s the knife-wielding attacker. Roy falls to the ground and seemingly starts to bleed out. Oliver enters Thea’s apartment where he finds her with Captain Lance, who reveals Roy’s death to him and delivering the great quip, “I think we both know whose fault this is.” Later, Oliver observes the trashed Arrow Cave where he’s joined by Felicity and Diggle who reveal their master plan – they faked Roy’s death and all planned this elaborate thing previously. Even the stabber was in on it as one of ARGUS’ freelancers that knows how to make a stabbing look bloody yet non-fatal. They get Roy out of the city and say their goodbyes, noting that with everyone believing the Arrow is dead, that means Oliver Queen is innocent. Also Ray notices Felicity getting a little too chummy with Oliver.

Maseo reveals they only have enough vaccine for the three of them and Akio but not their host. Oliver shows them the phone he took which features their plans for distributing the virus. The three of them agree to work together to stop it. Ray drops off “Deathbolt” at the Particle Accelerator prison with Cisco and they make a startling revelation, Simmons wasn’t in Central City the night of the explosion, which raises the question of how he managed to get super powers. Back in Starling, Thea looks at photos of she and Roy when who else but Ra’s al Ghul appears. She tells him Oliver is going to kill him and they start a nasty brawl, which ends with Ra’s throwing her through a table and stabbing her in the side.

You can check out the promo for episode Episode 3.20 of “Arrow” in the player below. Titled “The Fallen,” the episode is officially described as follows:

“Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable) finally makes Oliver (Stephen Amell) an offer he can’t refuse. The team joins Oliver on his journey to Nanda Parbat where a heartbroken Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) decides to take matters into her own hands.”

Directed by Antonio Negret and written by Wendy Mericle & Oscar Balderrama, “The Fallen” is set to air April 22. “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 P.M. EST on The CW.