Exclusive Arrow and The Flash Interviews from PaleyFest 2015

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Marc Guggenheim

SHH: I overheard you say that Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) is not leaving Arrow.

Marc Guggenheim: [She] is not leaving the show. I don’t know where these crazy rumors come from!

SHH: Well, I think people got ideas when Felicity ended up in bed with Ray Palmer.

Guggenheim: Yeah, but they’re getting the wrong ideas! If someone winds up in bed with someone, they should be thinking different thoughts.

SHH: Ray, AKA The Atom, is possibly headlining his own DC Superhero Team-up show on The CW. So you can understand why people might think that Felicity has one foot out the door.

Guggenheim: I guess that’s true. I would say just keep watching. There’s long distance relationships.

SHH: What’s coming up in the rest of Arrow Season 3?

Guggenheim: Absolutely nothing I can talk about. It’s crazy. Episodes 16 to 23, the last seven episodes, are like nothing but spoiler after spoiler after spoiler. It’s really weird to come here to talk about the show without spoiling anything. We have the Suicide Squad coming, more Ra’s al Ghul than you’ve seen on the show thus far. You’re gonna see more of Nanda Parbat than you’ve seen thus far. Ray is going to be seriously, if not mortally wounded. The return of Donna Smoak, Felicity’s mom, more information about HIVE… There’s a lot up our sleeves.

Grant Gustin

SHH: Barry’s been on a hell of a journey so far. As far as what’s motivating him, is it still his mother’s murder death? Or are there other factors in play now?

Grant Gustin: I think it’s like this: Barry is someone who obviously wears his heart on his sleeve, at least the way that I have played him. That’s what’s ultimately driving Barry. Now he’s got Caitlin in his life, he’s got Cisco in his life. A lot of times, they’re [the ones] who are driving him to get involved in a situation and it depends on what he’s focusing on… what’s right in front of him. Really, what’s driving Barry is finding Reverse Flash and being ready and strong enough to face him and saving his mother.

SHH: And once Reverse Flash is found, will Barry have to redefine himself?

Gustin: Yeah, I guess that’s how TV series generally work. There will be a new motive and tone, I guess. After that, I’m sure that Barry will find some more confidence and be one step closer to being that Flash we know from the comics.

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SHH: Is there more karaoke in the future? If so, are we talking Saturday Night Fever soundtrack? Or any John Travolta?

Gustin: I don’t know. I hope so. We definitely get further away from the fun stuff in the second half of the season. It’s not darker… I mean the show is never dark, but the show gets more serious.

SHH: What’s coming up in the last few episodes of The Flash Season 1?

Gustin: Well, time travel is about to be introduced for the first time, which is about to change the game in a big way in general. But before that happens, a lot of information will be revealed to some of the characters and to the audience about characters on the show. I mean, by the end of that episode, the audience will know more about the Harrison Wells situation than the characters know because the slate is going to be wiped clean.

SHH: The only downside of that storyline is that Tom Cavanagh is so great that I’ll miss that dynamic once he finally gets exposed as Reverse Flash to the rest of the cast.

Gustin: Yeah, I know. There have been times even this season when we’ve had to take him away. He’s still in every episode, but he starts to become a little more mysterious as the season develops. But I don’t think that Tom Cavanagh is going anywhere. He’s gonna be a part of the show moving forward.

SHH: What’s your favorite moment from Season 1?

Gustin: We’ve been talking about it a lot, but I love the karaoke moment. There’s a moment in episode 12 between Caitlin and Barry, but there’s a moment coming up in episode 15… 15 is my favorite script that I’ve read this season. It’s a great episode and it’s got one of the coolest visual moments I think we’ve had on the series.

SHH: Last question: I think one of the stranger elements of The Flash’s mythology is the Cosmic Treadmill. Are we gonna see that at some point?

Gustin: The treadmill that we’ve introduced at STAR Labs will someday become the Cosmic Treadmill. Yeah.

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Candice Patton

SHH: What’s coming up with Iris in the rest of the season?

Candice Patton: You’ll see her investigating more of STAR Labs and what’s going on with Dr. Wells. And of course, the issue of her love triangle with Barry and Eddie and we’ll delve into a little time travel. There’s a lot.

SHH: Are we gonna get an alternate timeline at some point?

Patton: I don’t know about that, but we will definitely play with the idea of the possibility of time travel in this season.

SHH: Where would you like to see Iris go as a character?

Patton: I would like to see her join in with the STAR Labs team and help work to save the city she loves.

SHH: I’ve heard that Iris is actually going to get into STAR Labs this season. Is that right?

Patton: To some degree, she kind of wiggles her way into STAR Lab. Yeah.

SHH: But that’s not quite joining the team?

Patton: No.


Rick Cosnett

SHH: I’m sure that you’ve been asked this before, but have you been fitted with a yellow costume yet?

Rick Cosnett: I can’t answer that question! I wish I could. Honestly, that’s the question that I get asked the most. And of course I have the last name Thawne… I wish I could answer your question, but I’m just gonna dance around it and say that the season finale is gonna be massive and you all are going to be shocked and delighted and surprised.

SHH: What’s coming up for Eddie in the next couple of episodes?

Cosnett: Where are we now? I think at Weather Wizard… Eddie realizes the power of the metahumans in the episode coming up and to follow. He really starts to unravel in a very wonderful way as he feels very powerless as a cop because his guns don’t work anymore. He was such a great cop and always so popular because he is so able… but now he’s not, because the metahumans are kind of coming at them in full force. So he really needs the help of The Flash and there’s a whole storyline of The Flash and him together. And there’s of course the wonderful love triangle, because Eddie doesn’t know that Barry is The Flash… so it’s almost as if The Flash, Barry and Eddie are all in some kind of weird love square with Iris. That will unravel in the next few episodes.

SHH: When are Eddie and The Flash going to come face-to-face again?

Rick Cosnett: Very soon. We saw them working together in the episode with Captain Cold and Heatwave. That was the start of something that continues and Eddie very much gets in with The Flash and Joe, but I can’t say how.