Exclusive Preview: Arrow Season 2.5 Chapter #14

Sebastian Blood may be dead, but the threat of Brother Blood and his followers remains within the pages of “Arrow Season 2.5,” the Digital First comic book series that takes place between Arrow Seasons 2 and 3.

A new Brother Blood has arisen to threaten Starling City, and Felicity Smoak has been kidnapped by Blood’s forces. To paraphrase Joss Whedon, “it must be Wednesday.”

To save Felicity’s life, Oliver Queen aka The Arrow has turned himself over to the new Brother Blood. But in this exclusive preview from “Arrow Season 2.5” Chapter #14, Brother Blood learns the hard way that catching the Arrow doesn’t necessarily mean holding the Arrow.

Arrow Season 2.5




Arrow 2.5 14 SF Cover

“Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim and Arrow/The Flash writer Keto Shimizu are the co-writers of “Arrow Season 2.5” Chapter #14, alongside artists Joe Bennett, Craig Yeung, & Szymon Kudranski and colorist Jim Charalampidis.

“Arrow Season 2.5” Chapter #14 will be released on Monday, March 2 via the DC Comics app, Readdcentertainment.com, ComiXology, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, iBooks and iVerse ComicsPLUS.